Cover shot DAYBREAK

The season of big announcements continues with Western Australian upstarts, Daybreak, dropping their new single ‘Godfather’, set to release a new EP of the same title (due 22 May) and announcing a national tour to boot.

The Perth collective burst onto the scene in 2017 with the release of their debut EP, ‘Death Dreams’ littered with monstrous riffs, filthy breakdowns and a sneaky feature from fan favourite Jamie Hails of Polaris. The EP demonstrated the band has a musical wisdom well beyond their young age and it has helped the deathcore five-piece establish a solid fan base across Australia.

In late 2018 the band gave the world a taste of their new direction with standalone single ‘Acid Rain’. The track displayed the band’s latest experimentation with cleans and soaring melodies, and melded with the usual deathcore influence, it culminated in some solid results.

The band keeps this experimentation alive with their newest single which is their first one since the departure of long-time friend and guitarist Brodie Wilson. The track opens up with ambient guitar work before dropping into a massive djent driven riff led by guitarist Blake Pearce. Both Pearce and bassist, Liam Webster, provide greater support in the vocals department by layering melodic cleans throughout each chorus which elevates the sombre mood to this unbelievably heavy track. The combination of these elements for me draws direct comparisons to something that would sit neatly on Thornhill’s exceptional ‘Butterfly’ EP – albeit much heavier!

The track is made even darker with the lyrics which traverse themes of loss, deception and change. The lyrics and vocal delivery from lead singer Shaun Cox may be some of the best we have seen from the four-piece to date.

The single will form part of a three track EP by the same name. Based off the band’s latest offerings it’s fair to say that we will see the boys from Daybreak continue to explore their musical horizons on this offering that adventure outside of the deathcore realm they have already mastered.

Shortly after its release, the band will be touring the ‘Godfather’ EP nationally, with a combination of headline shows and shows supporting Melbourne’s finest, Alpha Wolf. Between the hype of Alpha Wolf’s latest EP ‘Fault’ and the Perth death-lord’s rise to fame, you better grab your tickets fast! Do yourself a favour and get tickets here.

To listen to the track and accompanying video directed by David Aindow