FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY have released the final single “Shepherd” before the launch of their new record “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts“:

“Enjoy ‘Shepherd’, our tribute to the melodeath style of the early 2000s. We filmed this fun little video in one take. It was four minutes in and out — and we got to pour garbage on Joe (Vocals)  while making a statement about the environment. You just can’t beat that.”Will Putney – Guitar – Production

I am personally very excited to hear the new record in full, FFA’s 2017 release “The Great Collapse” is one of my top ten favourite records and if you have had the pleasure of seeing them live you know they put on a powerful performance.

“The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” will be released worldwide on the 25th of October, you can pre-order your copy here. Check out the video below and stay up to date with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY on social media.