Tekken is a fighting game currently in its seventh generation and other than graphically, the game play has remained virtually the same. This format has allowed players to hone their skills and become competitive on a global level.

I have a personal connection with Tekken which started with me playing early versions at my local arcade. I got a bit more serious with Tekken Three and won several local competitions before competing at a state level, however, at the larger competitions I only made it to the second round before being obliterated. This gave me an appreciation of the skills that elite level Tekken players have.

As with a lot of fighting games, certain characters become favourites with the players and they become the staples at competition level. This is where we meet RANGCHU, a player from Korea who fights with the character “PANDA” who is considered to be one of the worst characters in the history of Tekken.

Check out the video below and learn all about the rise of RANGCHU and PANDA:

Video by The Score Esports