Cover shot KVELERTAK

Norway’s KVELERTAK are returning with their first record in four years ‘Splid’, which is set for release on February 14th via Rise Records.

The addition of new singer Ivar Nikolaisen the new record, for the first time features a selection of songs in English and guest vocal from Mastodon’s Troy Sanders.

Ever heard of the Maya Apocalypse? Johannes Stöffler? Harold Camping? Are you afraid that the religious leaders, scientists, or the doomsday preachers may be right? Have no fear! They were all wrong. But now, KVELERTAK has come to prophesize Ragnarok, straight into your heart and soul. The Crack of Doom shines on us all!”KVELERTAK

About Troy Sanders (Mastodon) being featured on ‘Crack of Doom’ -, “We sent Troy a demo of the song because there were a couple of parts we felt would fit his voice very well and lift the song. Luckily he liked the track and was keen to do it. He got some scratch vocal tracks and some guidelines but was free to do it however he wanted. What we got back was even better than what we could hope for. We’re extremely proud to have him featured on this song, and with Troy being American it felt natural to just do the whole thing in English.”

“‘Splid’ (‘discord’ in English) is a deep dive into western gluttony, our own stupidity, and the abyss of the earth. Working with Kurt again has been amazing and we’re extremely happy with the production. We’ve pushed ourselves to the edge this last year – musically, physically, and mentally. The result is one hour of catchy riffs, punk rock, and heavy metal influenced by a world in discord to accompany our way towards Ragnarok.”

“Spld” is available on February 14th, get your pre-order here and stay up to date with KVELERTAK on social media.