Cover shot – POLARIS

Sydney’s POLARIS are unstoppable at the moment, not only are they selling out shows across Australia, they have dropped a new track ‘Landmine‘ in the lead up to the release of their second studio album The Death Of Me (out Feb 21).

“I think we all reach a point sometime in our late adolescence or early adulthood where we finally realise the world doesn’t just exist to serve us as individuals, and never did. A realisation that maybe you’re not as special and unique as you were made to feel as a kid – you’re not the star of everyone’s movie, only your own little life. Ultimately no one else cares if you succeed or fail, and no one is going to keep picking you up and dusting you off and pointing you in the right direction when you screw up. “Landmine” is a nihilistic, sarcastic celebration of accepting all of that.” Explains Daniel Furnari

Check out the cinematic video for ‘Landmine’ below and keep up to date with POLARIS on social media.

Special thanks to Dallas Does PR and Destroy All Lines