Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most memorable action stars of all time.

Today we are taking a look at the watch that his character “Dutch” wore in 1987’s “Predator”.

The movie is centred around a group of Commandos on a rescue mission in Central America. It seems like a fairly straight forward mission, until his highly skilled team encounter something in the jungle and themselves become the hunted.

The watch that Dutch is wearing is a Seiko H558 Quartz Dive watch.

Often refereed to as the “Arnie” the Seiko H558 has become a colt classic.


This is a significant watch as it was one of the first to feature a digital and analog combination. The H558 is rated at dive depth of 150 meters and was designed to be exceptionally rugged.

The watch was put through its paces in 1998 when they were won by a international team of explorers that climbed mount Everest.

Clean examples of the H558 “Arnie” are in strong demand and have sold for as much as $2000 (Aud).