“What have you done, oh god, what have you done?”

This isn’t something that you would typically read on the side of a beer, but this stern warning comes with both humor and an air of fear.

Little Bang Brewing Co. is an independent brewery run by mates Fil and Ryan in the Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Founded in 2013 in Fil’s garage, they found a growing demand for their brews and moved into a commercial space in 2015, yet demand kept increasing, the brewery was again relocated to their current premises in Stepney.

The line up of beers that Little Bang offer is quite extensive, from hoppy ales, IPA’s, Pilsners, Rye Ales to, of course, the infamous Sludgebeast – Imperial Stout.

In their words:
“Back in Fil’s shed was where the Sludgebeast first emerged. All we said was “Why not?” Why not fill the mash all the way to the top? Why not use that many specialty grains? Why not dose it with coffee, cocoa, vanilla, oak, port… Why not? Then we learned why not… Sludgebeast followed us to the warehouse, and destroyed everything and everyone it touched. It stuck sparges, broke pumps, perplexed palates, ruined parties, consumed souls.
And now the Sludgebeast has followed us here and it’s waiting in this can.

What have you done? oh god, what have you done?”

The Sludgebeat is indeed a formidable beer, it pours black with a light head and right off the bat you pick up the coffee, cocoa and port tones accompanied by a slight burn from the 12% ABV. I originally thought that all these flavors would fight each other, but as you make your way through this beast, you find yourself enjoying this potent brew. If you are a fan of dark beers on the heavy side, the Sludgebeast is definitely one to try, but I warn you, you may need to take the afternoon off after tackling this monster.

The Stats:

Style:         Imperial Stout

Brewed:     Stepney, Adelaide – South Australia

ALC:           12%

EM Score:   4 / 5

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