The Seraphim Veil started out as a deathcore band inspired by bands like Thy Art Is Murder, Aborted, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Behemoth and Rose Funeral.

After a short run as a band, several members quit leaving Timothy/Mothlord on vocals and taking up guitar to contribute to the songwriting, with Daniel Beech on lead guitar and an original major songwriter.

One of the reasons for the lineup change was creative differences which can be reflected in Vacant Earths’s quite different sound.

The Seraphim Veil Vacant Earth-1

Vacant Earth was written between 2013 and 2016 and reflects the bands evolved tastes incorporating influences from bands like: Mayhem, Portal, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Nile, Fallujah, The Amenta, Godflesh, Primitive Man and so on.

With a strong belief despite the great delay in bringing out this record, it is very contemporary and if anything, the band feels ‘Vacant Earth’ may have been ahead of its time.

‘The Seraphim Veil’s genre might be best explained as a form of death metal. We say extreme metal to keep it simple but you could describe it as Industrial tinged blackened/technical death metal. Or atmospheric technical death metal‘.

This record was done DIY in home studios with the assistance of Robin Stone (Norse, The Amenta, Convulsing – live drummer) contributing session drums. Midjourney AI art was also used just before it became apparent how problematic AI art can be. However, the band feels it ironically fits the overall theme of the record.

Lyrically the record is existential and philosophically driven, with the band having an interest in evaluating the human condition and how it has contributed to sociological, ecological, and systemic ills in our society.

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