Cover shot – BURIAL PIT

Ascending from the catacombs of Australia, BURIAL PIT stands as an unrelenting force in the metal abyss, forging their path through a neural onslaught they’ve baptized as “Violent Sludge”. Prepare to be annihilated as BURIAL PIT unleashes VARMENT – a sonic maelstrom that redefines the boundaries of musical ferocity.


VARMENT is the crushing successor to their cult classic full-length Subhuman Scum. This release is not merely music; it’s a blood-soaked descent into the core of human darkness, an exploration of raw, primal emotions stripped bare. VARMENT reaffirms BURIAL PIT’s dominion over the extreme music realm, as they carve their legacy with a blade of aural savagery. Brace yourselves, for the tempest of VARMENT is poised to tear apart the very fabric of reality.

Burial Pit have rapidly become known as one of, if not, Australia’s most ferocious heavy acts. Their performances unleash a torrent of devastation that leaves no soul unscathed. The band conjures a symphony of chaos that transcends sound, delving into the realm of total sensory obliteration.

Their new single, VARMENT is set to release a seismic shockwave that will resound through the crypts of the metal underworld.

Catch Burial Pit this November as they take this new single and visceral live onslaught to Victoria.

BP - Old Bar 10 November 23 - A4

10 November – Melbourne, Old Bar 
w/ Class Traitor & Tumour
11 November – Frankston, Singing Bird Studios 
w/ Munt, Anoxia, Furious George, Who Bastard, Nembutolik & Green Eyes Traitor

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BP - Frankston 11 November 23