19 has been a huge year for heavy metal, seeing releases from many fan favourites and break out albums from brutal newcomers. The Everyday Metal crew came together to create a list of their favourite records for the year.


Words – ClarePhotos – Mitch Now that Good Things 2019 is done and dusted we look back on the full day...

LARGERSTEIN – Max Watts Melbourne

Ahoy mateys! Last Saturday night the crew here at Everyday Metal descended into the bowls of the SS Max Watts in Melbourne to see a very special swashbuckling show by Lagerstein, the one and only Australian Pirate Metal band. Joining us on the high seas were Keggin and Triple Kill.

LIFE PILOT – Bendigo Hotel – Melbourne

Thursday in Melbourne was a struggle for everyone, it got to 30 degrees Celsius by 9 am which brought along hot winds that were just fucking shit up all over the city, and the pollen count was off the charts! I was feeling pretty miserable, so I headed to Collingwood's most famous dark and dank dive bar, Bendigo Hotel, for a night of hectic metal. After releasing their newest single Pretty Like a Pistol, Life Pilot once again took their antics on tour across Australia. Joining them for the Melbourne show were local legends Drive Time Commute, The Orphan and Deadweight 80.

VULVODYNIA – Mob Justice Melbourne

It was a balmy Melbourne afternoon and hoards of Metal Heads made their way across Fitzroy to attend the sold-out Vulvodynia show at the Workers Club. Vulvodynia hail from South Africa, yet have an insanely dedicated fanbase around the world and particularly in Melbourne. The night was supported by some of Australia's most brutal bands, Ame Noire, Wraith, To The Grave and Zeolite.

FRENZAL RHOMB – Corner Hotel Melbourne

Australian Music T-Shirt Day aka Friday 15th November 2019, I battled the hell that is parking in Richmond to successfully make my way into The Corner Hotel, conveniently to watch some home-grown talent make some noise at me. Tonight’s headliner is Frenzal Rhomb, supported by Von Stache and SUDS.

EYEHATEGOD – Max Watts Melbourne

Words – Clare APhotos – Mitch Last night I descended the stairs of Max Watts in Melbourne’s city centre to experience...

GALACTIC EMPIRE – 170 Russell Street

Words – Clare APhotos – Mitch On Sunday night Mitch and I jumped into the Everyday Metal Millennium Falcon and...

MUNT – Towards Extinction Tour

This is the last night of Munt’s Towards Extinction East Coast Tour and they have put together a line up packed with local Aussie talent.

CANCER BATS – Stay Gold Melbourne

It was Wednesday night and I headed to Stay Gold in Brunswick for an intimate punk-rock / hardcore show to partake in some midweek madness, but with Melbourne’s once again gloomy weather, it was more like Stay Cold in Brunswick.