Murders in the Rue Morgue Vol 1 – Review

Samplers, compilations, mixtapes… these come to us in all sorts of ways. You might get one in the mail along with an order from a label. You might grab one from the merch table at a gig (remember those? I remember those…). That hottie in maths might have made you one and scrawled your name on it with a sharpie back in ’98. You might even purchase one, either to support a band or a label, or as part of a fundraiser for one cause or another. And usually, you’ll listen to it once or twice, pick out which newly-discovered bands you love, and it’ll later end up scratched to hell, lost under the passenger seat, or melted beyond recognition when your housemate’s water heater explodes. But that’s another story.

NAPALM DEATH – ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’ Album review

If Donald Trump heard Napalm Death, he’d start tweeting about Antifa, and demand the band be listed as a terrorist organisation, and insist they be banned from entering the USA, or any country where the CIA has overthrown a democratically-elected government in the last 60 years. If that’s not enough reason for you to go buy their new album, then lucky for you, I’ve written an actual review of it.

WITHIN DESTRUCTION – Yokai album review

Slam is a sub-genre that focuses on the extreme aspects of heavy metal, featuring obscenely heavy riffs, breakdowns, pig squeals and theatrics. This is something that WITHIN DESTRUCTION have achieved with their sound, but done with a tongue in cheek humour that has made them quite unique.

OUTRIGHT – ‘Defeat Repeat’

In case you missed it, Melbourne hardcore stalwarts Outright recently released a video clip for 'Defeat / Repeat', the lead track off their 'Holler' EP.

BAD JUJU – ‘Disappoint’

Bad Juju is back with their latest release ‘Disappoint’, which is the second track released since their EP. It is a powerful addition to the bands growing catalogue and is hopefully an indication of what fans can expect from these guys in the near future. The single addresses the guilt one can feel when losing someone close to mental illness - a concept that is becoming all too familiar in today's society.

AGNES MANNERS – ‘As Long As You’re Mine’

As Long as You’re Mine is the debut single from Agnes Manners, a solo project by ex-Hellions guitarist Matthew Gravolin. The track features Dream States lead vocalist, Charlotte Gilpin.

CATTLE DECAPITATION – Death Atlas Tour Melbourne

Nothing gets you over the hump quite like some midweek metal at Max Watts in Melbourne’s city centre. Everyday Metal braved the recent spout of shitty weather to head down Swanston Street and get in line with the other keen metal fans to see the the sold out event of Cattle Decapitation’s Australian Tour with Revocation and special guest, Remains.

OKILLY DOKILLY – The Corner Hotel Melbourne

Words – ClarePhotos – Mitch Get out the Crayolas and colour me tickled pink! We finally got to see the...

SURFACING – Bushfire benefit show Melbourne

On the last day of January 2020 (which was hot as fuck), Stay Gold in Brunswick hosted the Bushfire Benifit Show. This event was headlined by the Slipknot cover band Surfacing with special guest performances by DriveTime Commute, Munt and Blight with all the proceeds from ticket sales going to Wildlife Victoria in order to support the rescue and recovery of Australian wildlife.

KING PARROT – ‘Bite Your Head Off’ Bendigo Hotel Melbourne

To celebrate the 8 year anniversary of their album Bite Your Head Off, King Parrot released a Special Edition 8 Year Anniversary Reissue Vinyl and put together a night of gut punching performances for their dedicated local fans at the intimate and grungy Collingwood venue, the Bendigo Hotel.