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VULVODYNIA – announce Australian tour


South African Slam Death Bulldozer VULVODYNIA will be bringing their brutality to Australia for the first time this November! Celebrating the release of their already critically acclaimed 2019 record “MOB JUSTICE” the band will be blasting their way across Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Woolongong, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide!

“It’s already been three years since the release of Psychosadistic Design! Since then it has been a dream come true for us playing multiple tours and festivals abroad, but we’ve always felt that we needed an album that paid homage to the savage motherland we call HOME. We needed an album that hit home for us conceptually. Instead of following up on the murder themes of Psychosadistic Design or the Alien themes of Finis Omnium Ignorantiam we are basing each song around the horrors we face in our day to day lives in South Africa. We will leave no stone unturned as we expose you to everything VILE that Africa has to offer from our Drug Epidemics to our Mob Justice Killings to our Corrupt Government! All will be revealed… You will witness the true beast that is AFRICA.” Vulvodynia

Check out the Australian tour dates below, get your tickets here and stay up to date with the band of social media

Friday 8/11 – Crowbar, Brisbane 18+
Saturday 9/11 The Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle 18+
Sunday 10/11 Crowbar, Sydney 18+
Monday 11/11 The Music Foundry, Wollongong AA
Tuesday 12/11 The Basement, Canberra 18+
Thursday 14/11 Workers Club, Melbourne 18+
Friday 15/11 Enigma Bar, Adelaide 18 +



On Friday night we headed to Stay Gold in Brunswick, which is one of the newer music venues on the Melbourne scene, to check out The Brave ‘Aura’ Tour, in a line up of local Aussie metalcore. The first set was Washed Away from Melbourne in their first show. Filling in for their bassist for the night was the guitarists from Gravemind who played his heart out for them. There were some nice rock style guitar riffs and punk vibes from this set.

The five-piece band from South Gippsland, Earthbound, launched into their set with immense enthusiasm and the crowd responded with a matched energy. Their performance was filled with slow and heavy breakdowns, solid cleans, epic screams and quirky sound effects. These boys are really entertaining in a live setting.

Joining The Brave throughout their tour is Pridelands from South Australia. They took the stage and offered us some solid mix of dirty and clean vocals. The two vocalists worked in harmony with each other to create a satisfyingly layered sound. Pridelands have a real stage presence and this was a tight performance with atmospheric undertones.

Headlining the night was The Brave from Brisbane touring their new album ‘Aura’. Their live performance was emotive and heavy, which were all together nostalgic, bringing me back to the days of my youth. Lead singer Nathan’s vocals are extremely strong, moving effortlessly from heavy to harmony. The energy in the crowd was palpable and everyone there was having a great night.  

ALBUM OF THE WEEK – MUNT – Towards Extinction

Cover shot MUNT

Emerging from the depths of Melbourne, MUNT has brought forth their latest offering of black grinding death – “Towards Extinction“. Themed around our world hurtling towards a self-inflicted demise this EP doesn’t hold back, bludgeoning you with heavy riffs and brutal vocals. Each track is layered grit and darkness, yet the production is clean, allowing you to get fully immersed in the soundscape. This EP is an absolute must for any fan of the genre and we at Everyday Metal are very keen to see what MUNT has in store for the future.

EM rating: 4 out of 5

Towards Extention is streamable on all major services now, get your MUNT merch here and stay up to date with the band on social media

AUGUST BURNS RED – 1O years of Constellations tour Australia 2019


Pennsylvanian Metalcore veterans AUGUST BURNS RED are heading to Australia in October to celebrate ten years since the release of their 3rd studio album “Constellations“. Upon its release in 2009 Constellations debut at 24 in the Billboard Top 200 with singles “White Washed” and “Marianas Trench” amassing more than 22 million streams on Spotify.

AUGUST BURNS RED will be supported by Australias Alpha Wolf and Gravemind, get your tickets here and stay up to date with the band on social media

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY – the meaning behind “Mirrors”


FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY is a band that is never afraid to tackle controversial topics head on. FFA’s latest track “Mirrors” dives deep into some very personal issues that a lot of people face throughout their lives. Check out the video below where the band gives some insight into the greater meaning of the track

Fit For An Autopsy’s new record “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” is due out October 25th with pre-orders available here. Check out the video for Mirrors below and stay up to date with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY on social media

MACHINE HEAD – “Death Church” – Live in the Studio 2019


Machine Head have released the fourth video ‘DEATH CHURCH‘ from their live studio recording of Burn My Eyes. The band has reunited with original members Logan Mader and Chris Kontos for the 25th Anniversary tour of their breakout record.

Machine Head are kicking off the European leg of the tour soon and tickets are selling fast! View the tour dates on the official website.

Check out the video below and follow Machine Head on social media 

FBF – MUDVAYNE – Live At Rock Am Ring 2001

Cover shot ROCK AM RING

Mudvayne formed in 1996 in Peria, Illinois in 1996, yet found global recognition with there 2000 record L.D. 50. Their single “DIG” found its way into popular circles in Australia and found favour with the nu-metal crowd.
Mudvayne went on to tour heavily in America with bands such as Nothingface, Slayer, Slipknot and Sevendust. Mudvayne has largely been inactive since 2010, yet hit singles form L.D. 50 and later album The End Of All Things To Come still see a regular rotation on peoples playlists.

Check out the video below of Mudvayne playing as part of the 2001 Rock Am Ring Festival in Germany

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE – release powerful video for “I Am Broken Too”


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE is in full swing in the lead up to the release of their new album Atonement, releasing the title track “Unleashed” and second single “I Am Broken Too“. Originally a lyric video, I Am Broken Too now has a powerful cinematic video clip

“The video is a reflection of real-life events that loved ones have gone through. Kyle Cogan and Zack Stauffer did an amazing job of bringing it all to life. The result is a powerful video that captures the essence and desperation of the song.” –  Jesse Leach – Lead Singer

Atonement is due of August 16 with pre-orders available here. Check out the video below and stay up to date with Killswitch Engage on social media

CULT OF LUNA – release video “The Silent Man” and announce new album

Cover shot CULT OF LUNA

Swedish Heavy Metal act CULT OF LUNA have had an impressive career over spanning 20 years and their new record “A Dawn To Fear” is shaping up to be their most epic to date.

“Going into the process, we knew the album we wanted to make, an antithesis of what we’ve done before. For pretty much every album there’s been a very concrete theme. We’ve known from the start the kind of story we wanted to tell, and I didn’t want that to be the case. I’ve seen a lot of subtle changes and patterns in my own behavior and my own thinking the last couple of years, and I wanted this to be a completely spontaneous process. I just wanted to see what came out of me, and ‘A Dawn To Fear’ is the result of that.” – vocalist/guitarist and lead songwriter Johannes Persson

The band has released their first look into the latest record with the lead single and cinematic video “The Silent Man” (A Dawn To Fear pt.1)

A Dawn To Fear is due out September 20th, you can pre-order it here

Check out the video below and stay up to date with CULT OF LUNA on social media

TECH TUESDAY – RON MINIS – Playing Slash solo’s on Piano

Cover shot RON MINIS

Ron Minis is a multi-instrumentalist musician based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ron is skilled in piano, guitars, drums and bass working in genres ranging from avant-garde, modern jazz, classical music to punk, heavy metal and noise rock. As a youngster, Ron wanted to play the guitar like legendary Guns’n’Roses guitarist Slash, yet due to his parent’s influence, he learnt how to play the piano instead. Check out this video below where Ron takes his piano skills and gives then the Slash treatment!

You can check out Ron Minis on Youtube here and keep up to date on social media