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DEFTONES – Genesis

Cover shot – DEFTONES

DEFTONE‘s have dropped the second offering ‘Genesis’ from their upcoming studio album Ohms. In the lead up to the release of this track, there were hints at a return to heavier riffs, this is a tactic used by a lot of bands yet it rarely delivered. It was refreshing to see Genesis lives up to expectations and pays homage to early Deftones.

Presented by Warner Music, Ohms is due out September 25th with pre-orders available here.

Check out the video for ‘Genesis’ below and stay up to date with Deftones on social media.

See more from DEFTONES on their official YouTube channel.


NAPALM DEATH – ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’ Album review

Cover shot – NAPALM DEATH

If Donald Trump heard Napalm Death, he’d start tweeting about Antifa, and demand the band be listed as a terrorist organisation, and insist they be banned from entering the USA, or any country where the CIA has overthrown a democratically-elected government in the last 60 years. If that’s not enough reason for you to go buy their new album, then lucky for you, I’ve written an actual review of it.

Napalm Death’s sound has taken some twists and turns over the years, but the last 11 years or so has seen them focus on a mix of punkish rhythms, death metal riffing, dashes of odd industrial experimentation, and grindcore… well, grinding, and it’s resulted in “Time Waits For No Slave,” “Utilitarian” and “Apex Predator… Easy Meat,” three of the best albums of their career. Their latest effort continues in that rich vein, with a few surprises. The opening one-two “Fuck The Factoid” and “Backlash Just Because” are pure ferocity, mixing whirling dervish aggression with unsettling earworms. “Contagion” pushes this idea a bit further, spending most of its 4-minute length in a comfortably fist-pump-friendly pace before a sudden blast burns away whatever complacency has set in. “Zero Gravitas Chamber” has everything you’d want from a hardcore punk song with a big spoonful of death metal dropped into the middle. The title track slaps you awake like a Bond film interrogator with an eerie shouted vocal seeming to shift in and out of time, before leaping for the throat with some absolutely seething grindcore savagery. “Fluxing of the Muscle” does a deep-dive into involuntary headbang groove-metal before launching into a thrash-punk section that somehow twists into an off-time bridge with the decidedly eerie semi-spoken segment.

Then, for a few songs mixed in there, we get… weird. “Joi De Na Pas Vivre” sounds like a classic Napalm Death banger where the guitar parts are played on keyboards, and all the vocals are in French. “Invigorating Clutch” starts with a droning mix of keyboards and those unsettling low-chant vocals we heard on the opening of “Apex Predator,” before shifting into a headbang-friend mid-paced track that stomps its way to a sudden, diffusing echo ending. “Amoral” has a decidedly post-punk feel to its indie-rock chords, surprisingly catchy quiet-verse-big-chorus structure and very danceable beat. And the closer “A Bellyful of Salt and Spleen” builds a foundation of drums and industrial loops, then layers them with surprisingly melodic keyboards and some standout basslines, all topped with Barney exploring some very goth-rock vocals.

Production-wise, if you’ve listened to the last few Napalm Death records, you’ll know what to expect. Their sound-in-trade is intensity all the way, with huge guitars, filthy bass, and slightly mechanised-sounding drums. Barney’s vocals are a real stand-out, pushing out from his trademark bellowing into furious shrieks, almost-bluesy snarls, and baritone chanting when the mood takes him.

At this stage of their career, Napalm Death are pretty much unassailable. They helped invent a genre, pushed its boundaries by seeing what other flavours they could mix in, and have grown it into a sound all of their own. It’s refreshing to see that, when they could relax comfortably atop the grindcore Mount Olympus and lazily rehash the same album every few years (or go for the “crucial album anniversary tour” cash grab), they still push their sound in new and intriguing directions without losing the ferocity and humanism at the core of their sound. Another contender for album of the year.

Everyday Metal rating –10/10

‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’ is available now on all major streaming services, in physical form on the official Napalm Death website and you can keep up to date with the band on social media.

TRUE BELIEVER – ‘From Lucifer With Love’

Cover shot – TRUE BELIEVER

Melbourne rockers True Believer have dropped their new single ‘From Lucifer With Love’, accompanied by a stunning animated video clip, courtesy of Ukraine’s talented Slow Cheetah Studio.

Keeping in tradition with previous releases, ‘From Lucifer With Love’ is chock full of their patented groovy amalgam of styles and eras which we’ve come to expect.  Groovy riffs, catchy solos, thick bass and thudding drums have all come along for the ride in True Believer’s latest sultry ode to the dark lord.

Watch the video below, as well as showing True Believer some social media & streaming love.

Check out more from True Believer on their official YouTube channel.


KING PARROT – ‘Banished, Flawed then Docile’


Melbourne thrash maniacs KING PARROT are back with a blistering new track called “Banished, Flawed the Docile“. This screaming new track is the lead single from their upcoming EP “Holed up in the Lair

The new EP was recorded during some time off between tours, the intention was simple “4 days, four tracks, write em’, record em’ and be done with it”. This four-day writing and recording session was guided by engineer Steve “Big Fella” Berrigan, a man who has worked on records for Down, EYEHATEGOD, Superjoint, Warbeast and Child Bite.

Usually King Parrot always try to write music together in the same room, but that just hasn’t been possible for us because of the lockdown. We were planning on re-working these tracks for a new album eventually, but when all the restrictions came about, we thought “Why not get these tracks out there as a special limited edition 7″ release?”. We think King Parrot fans will be happy with these tracks, it’s rude, loud, fast and grimey and we poured our heart and soul into them; there’s no doubting its unabashedly KP!” – vocalist –Matt Young

Kings Parrots EP “Holed Up In The Lair” drops on October 9th and will be available through all online platforms and a limited run of only 1000 7″ Vinyl pressing – pre-orders available at kingparrot.net

Also check out our coverage of KING PARROT at the 8th-anniversary event for ‘Bite Your Head Off’ and in support of Dark Angel at Max Watts Melbourne.

You can see more from KING PARROT on their official YouTube channel.


JINJER – Live in Melbourne Australia

Cover shot – JINJER

The unstoppable powerhouse that is JINJER have announced the release of their first-ever live album. Recorded at their sold-out show at Max Watts in Melbourne Australia, this new release will be available on CD and a special blood-red double LP featuring cover art by the talented Gaby Nicoletti.

JINJER live in Melbourne is due for release on November 13, 2020, with pre-orders available now:

International – Night Shift Records
Australia – Utopia

Check out the live in Melbourne Video below, also view our interview with Jinjer bassist Eugene.

See more from Jinjer on their official YouTube channel.




Where do you stand?

The question that has been asked by Melbourne’s The Gloom in The Corner. This question is referring to their warring factions featured in their Gloom saga – The SectThe Holy Order and a mysterious character called Echo 6. People have been drawn to their website, to complete a cryptic and sometimes disturbing survey that shows you where your elegance lies.

This venture is in support of their latest track ‘Warfare’.
Following the lead single ‘VIolence’, Warfare is the second track in the three part saga of The Glooms – the Fear Me arc.

View the video for ‘Warfare’ below, get your The Gloom In The Corner merch here and stay up to date with the band on social media.

Also, check out our previous coverage of The Gloom In The Corner when they supported CURSED EARTH on the Tyranny Across Australia Tour.

You can see more on THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER’s official YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Collision Course


ANTICLINE – ‘Pitch Black’

Cover shot – ANTICLINE

ANTICLINE have released ‘Pitch Black‘ the third and final taste of their upcoming EP ‘Urgency‘. ‘Pitch Black’ is a heavy-hitting track that features guest vocals from Bobak Rafiee of Justice For The Damned.

Urgency is out this Friday the 28th of August, you can get your hands on it here and don’t forget to follow ANTICLINE on social media.

You can see more from ANTICLINE on their official YouTube channel.

Also check out our live coverage of Anticline:

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DIAMOND CONSTRUCT have unleashed their latest nu-metal laden song ‘Enigma‘.
Following on from the lead single ‘Psychosis‘ this is the second track taken from their sophomore album DCX2.

Presented by Greyscale Records, DCX2 is due out August 28, you can get your pre-orders here and check out the video for Enigma below.

You can check out more on the official Greyscale Records YouTube channel.


IN MALICE’S WAKE – ‘The Blindness of Faith’

Cover shot – IN MALICE’S WAKE

Australia’s premier thrash metal band IN MALICE’S WAKE have announced the release of their 4th full-length album ‘The Blindness of Faith

“The Blindness of Faith is a journey into the dark side of religion, narrated by the harrowing In Malice’s Wake sound – haunting melodies, an onslaught of classic riffs and drumming and vocals that resonate from the depths of hell. The album is a further push along the extreme path of darkness and brutality set upon by the previous album, “Light Upon the Wicked”IN MALICE’S WAKE

Recorded & mixed by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios, and mastered at Panic Room studios – “The Blindness of Faith” is scheduled for independent worldwide release on Friday the 13th of November.

Get your pre-orders here and stay up to date with IN MALICE’S WAKE on social media.

View the album teaser below and check out our previous coverage of IN MALICE’S WAKE as part of the Triple Bill Kill tour with AT THE GATES.

See more from IN MALICE’S WAKE on their official YouTube channel.



Cover shot – DEFTONES

After keeping fans waiting for four years, DEFTONES have finally confirmed the release of their new album ‘Ohms‘. The announcement is accompanied by the lead and title track ‘Ohms’. The new track has a distinctive DEFTONES and shares similarities to their 2016 record ‘Gore’.

Cover art – Frank Maddocks

Presented by Warner Music, Ohms is due out September 25th with pre-orders available here.

Check out the RAFATOON directed video for Ohms below and stay up to date with DEFTONES on social media.

See more from DEFTONES on their official YouTube channel.