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VULVODYNIA – The Disconnect

Cover shot – VULVODYNIA

South Africa’s Vulvodynia bring slamming death metal into 2021 with their latest video “The Disconnect”, taken from their split album with Acrania entitled ‘Societal Lobotomisation”.

Societal Lobotomisation drops January 29th, you can pre-save it here.
Check out the video for The Disconnect below and stay up to date with Vulvodynia on social media.

Don’t forget to check out our coverage of Vulvodynia on their first Australian tour – full article and live in Melbourne video

You can check out more from VULVODYNIA on their official YouTube channel.


FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY – Tim Howley Interview

Cover shot – I AM TIM HOWLEY

This interview was originally written to coincide with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY’s Australian tour alongside THY ART IS MURDER, the tour was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19.

Tim Howley is known predominantly for being the guitarist for FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, what you might know about, is his many side hustles and love for motorcycles.

When did your love for music begin?

It was definitely early on. I used to watch MTV all the time when I was a kid. I’m talking 7 years old watching TRL just to listen to music. I started playing Recorder when I was 8 in school and that kinda kicked everything off.

How did you first discover Metal music and what was it about the genre that drew you in?

My dad always had the radio on in the car whenever we drove anywhere. We would listen to the Classic Rock and Alt Rock stations in my area. This is where I heard the majority of heavier bands and it was definitely my gateway. What drew me in was definitely the groove. The ability to just feel the riffs being played.

You have mentioned before that you wanted to be part of a touring band, was this a strong motivator for being part of FFAA?

To be honest, no. By the time FFAA Asked me to join, I was definitely over it. I had been DIY touring for the last 6 years and I didn’t want to be in a band anymore. Pat (Sheridan) sent over the demo tracks to Hellbound and I was like “Fuck… How am I going to say no?!”

Your 2017 album ‘The Great Collapse’ was well received by fans, how did that feel to you?

Whenever you put out a record, you’re always nervous about how it will be received. We knew the record was strong. Will (Putney) did an amazing job on it and it sounded fucking massive so we knew it was going to hit hard. Once the record was out, and everyone was on it like white on rice, we knew we did a good job.

A stand out track from the album is ‘Black Mammoth’, it addresses the struggles of Native Americans against the Dakota oil pipeline, is this something that the band feels passionate about?

1000%. I’ve always felt that if you’re not using your platform to help people, you’re wasting it. We’re lucky enough to have fans and friends that feel just as strong as we do. What happened with the NDAPL at Standing Rock was just another showing of how gross big business can be. We’re destroying the earth for monetary gain and it’s fucking disgusting. That song ruffled a lot of feathers and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Black Mammoth has a breakdown that is impossible not to headbang to, what was is it like writing such an energetic track?

Right out of the gate we knew it was going to hit hard. Hearing that riff for the first time was definitely an eye-opener. It’s so obnoxiously simple but that’s the trick.

Your latest album ‘The Sea Of Tragic Beasts’ really shows the band’s diversity by embracing big choruses, what inspired this direction?

We saw how effective songs like Black Mammoth were and we wanted to give people just a little bit more of what they like. It definitely worked because people are digging the new stuff pretty hard.

Which is your favorite track from the album to play live?

We’ve only played Five tracks so far so I haven’t been able to play my two favorite tracks from the record. As far as what we have played live, I love jamming Warfare.

You recently dropped the track ‘Fear Tomorrow’ is this a standalone track or an indication of what fans can expect for the future?

Uhhhhh Its kinda both? I can’t really go into it too much but let’s just say its not from a new record and its not just a random single.

FFAA has toured all over the world, do you have a favorite city or venue where you like to play?

There’s so many, to be honest. I’m a big food guy so whoever has the best catering is going to win me over. I’d probably go with Backstage in Munich. Germany loves us and Backstage always treats us well. Plus the shows are absolutely insane.

Metal performances can get pretty crazy, have you ever had a major gear failure on stage? How did you handle it?

Every tour. EVERY TOUR its gotta be something. Pedalboard (Mostly), Amps, Guitars, etc. It depends on the day but I’ve been known to lose my cool hahaha.

We noticed that you have a love for white-bodied guitars, what is it that you love about this colour combo?

I dont know man. I feel like not alot of guitarists do it and it looks so insanely clean. Very classy looking which is what I like about it. I might stray away from it soon but a lot of people dig it so we’ll see.

📸: @jakeowensphoto

A lot of people would know you for your work in FFAA, what they might not know is that you have several side hustles going, such as Tombstone Hardware, handmade leatherwork and being an avid gamer – You founded a motorcycle brand Tombstone Hardware in 2013 and have been producing your own line of apparel, what was the inspiration for that brand?

So back when I first started getting into Motorcycles, there weren’t any really cool brands that were around. I wanted to make my own and put out stuff that I liked wearing. Unfortunately, its been on and off because I’ve been focusing on other projects but we’re starting to get back on track which I love.

As part of the brand and independently you offer hand made leather goods such as wallets and diaries, where did you learn how to work with leather?

Books, Youtube, The internet. All of that. Not many people around me do leatherwork so it’s not like I could learn from someone. I had to basically comb through websites, videos, books, etc to find those cool tips and tricks.

With the Covid-19 pandemic having such a devastating effect on the music scene, has this given you an opportunity to pursue more of your side projects?

Oh for sure. I’ve been able to grow the leatherworking business as well as the streaming thing. With everything going on in the world, the band kinda wanted to take a little bit of a back seat. Now that things are starting to get back on track, we’re getting back on the grind for next year. Trust me, its going to be massive for us.

What fans do know is that you have one of the best beards in the game, how long have you been growing it for? Do you have any advice for the aspiring beard growers amongst us?

Hahaha This thing is wild. I’ve been growing it out for 14 years. Its definitely a solid conversation piece. As far as tips, I cant really go too in depth. Its all in your genetics. Some people have it, some people dont. But if you can grow a beard, make sure you take care of it!


A massive thanks goes out to Tim for taking the time to chat with us, you can keep up to date with FFAA here and follow Tim on social media.

Don’t forget to check out:

Tombstone Hardware

Special thanks to Death Proof Australia



Cover shot – MUNT

Two of Melbourne’s underground grinders have dropped a brand new split EP. Featuring tracks from MUNT and Cordell this EP is engineered and mixed by Henry John, HJB Productions, Mastered by Dave Byrne at Iridium Audio Noise on inversion by Blue Pelican and features Art by MUNT vocalist Mothlord.

Available today (December 4th) on super limited edition tape and digital via their respective Bandcamp’s – MUNTCordell

Merch available from Huffing Asbestos and Blight Town Records. You can also follow MUNT and Cordell on social media.

Also check out our coverage of MUNT and Cordell from the Towards Extinction launch at the Catfish and supporting SURFACING at Stay Gold.

You can see more from MUNT on their official YouTube channel.


BandBuffNPC – Self-help from Dylan of Gravemind

Cover shot – BandBuffNPC

Originally from Tasmania, the members of GRAVEMIND found their home in Melbourne and delivered their own unique sound to a loving and dedicated fanbase. It was with their debut album Conduit that people really started to take notice as this album not only presented the sound of a mature band, it was also bold and powerful all the way from the production to the accompanying videos, and even down to the band’s merch. Reaching #30 on the ARIA charts was not a fluke, this was the result of one thing, hard work.

2020 has been really hard on a lot of bands and when the going get tough, the tough make a self-help YouTube channel. Dylan Gillies-Parsons, vocalist, manager and record label affiliate has made very good use of his time in isolation, and has unveiled what he’s been working on – the BandBuffNPC – (NPC meaning “non-playable character” (nerd much?)) is a platform for Dylan to unload a lot of what he has learnt from the industry over the past 8 years of fighting tooth and nail to succeed within it.

Dylan and his band Gravemind, have achieved some pretty impressive feats, including festival slots with Parkway Drive, sold-out headline shows across Australia and even a couple of now cancelled international tours (thanks Covid). This bearded wizard seems to know what he’s doing, as he’s been the driving force of the band for the past 5 years, doing everything a no-named metal musician can possibly do – learning, failing, persevering, and reaching forward into that great unknown in hopes of success. Dylan was the guerilla marketing powerhouse behind Graveminds debut album, these skills helped him secure a place within the Greyscale Records inner circle, assisting them with graphic design and marketing. Though his stint has been short, it has been certainly fruitful, and he is eager to share with like-minded musicians just what he’s learnt. 

You can view the first video from the series below, subscribe to BandBuffNPC YouTube Channel here and check out the Patreon page here and don’t forget to follow Gravemind on social media.

You can also check our interview with Dylan here and see our our coverage of Gravemind playing at Good Things Festival and supporting August Burns Red.


JINJER – Full Melbourne live set

Cover shot – JINJER

To coincide with the release of their first-ever live album – Alive In Melbourne
groove metal monsters JINJER have shared the video of the complete live show from the Max Watts venue in Melbourne, Australia.

In true JINJER style this was a extremely energetic show and significant as it was one of the last shows that they played before things came to a crashing halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Presented by Napalm Records, you can check out the full live show video below, get your copy of Alive In Melbourne here and keep up to date with JINJER on social media.

Don’t forget to read our interview with JINJER bassist Eugene here.

See more from Jinjer on their official YouTube channel.


THY ART IS MURDER – Purest Strain Of Grape

Cover shot – THY ART IS MURDER

Australia’s Deathcore bulldozer THY ART IS MURDER have teamed up with  Built to Spill Wine to bring you: PUREST STRAIN OF GRAPE

“Absolved of the light I am the Purest Strain of Grape! Legends of heavy deathcore the world over, Thy Art Is Murder don’t mind a dabble in the finer things in life like good wine, good food and sneakers. There is something all together very death metal about the winemaking process, crushing flesh, skin macerated in its own juice, wild fermentation by unholy yeasts that haunt the winery. So doing a wine with Thy Art Is Murder and Konpira Maru was a match made in hell.666 different varietals from Kilmore and Whitlands make up the DNA of this wine, an entirely crushable red that can handle a chill before you spill. Al describes this as a “dry red” but it is so much more than that, the high quality fruit comes from the executive suite of Victoria’s finest. What does it taste like?  It’s cranberries and dark cherry skins, cacao nib and plenty of crunchy fresh acid. “

Purest Strain Of Grape comes in a bundle with a copy of Thy Art Is Murder’s latest record Human Target, get yours over at Built To Spill

You can keep up to date with THY ART IS MURDER on social media


WAXFLOWER – Quick six

Cover shot – WAXFLOWER

In the lead up to the release of their latest track track ‘Again‘ ft. Caitlin Henry, we hit up frontman Tristan Higginson for a quick six shootout:

Three singles in 2019, and then COVID-19. Have you needed to change the way you do things as a band with so much uncertainty around social gatherings and live music this year?

We have been pretty lucky all things considered. Our studio dates fell in a short period of time between restrictions easing and clamping down again in QLD/NSW. Writing and recording this release was quite emotionally taxing on me, so although I’d like to say I’ve been more productive with my writing – I’ve spent the majority of lockdown reconnecting with other aspects of my life. It’s really only been in the last month or two that I’ve been actively writing again, I think sometimes those breaks are necessary to make sure you don’t burn out under the stress.

It probably feels like forever ago, but how did the “Together” release shows earlier in the year go?

Being able to play a string of headline shows including a sold out hometown show was a perfect way to unknowingly wrap up playing for a while. Playing was such a constant in our lives, so when everything stopped it drove home how much it means to be out there.

Your most recent single “Getting Better” show a different side of your sound – bit gentler, bit less punk in the pop-punk. Was this a conscious decision, or was it just what naturally came out? (I heard a pretty big Get-Up Kids, early-90s Midwest emo influence in there

I’ve always written songs like ‘Getting Better’ but this is the first time one has ever made it to release. We only had a couple of days to record the track so we knew the song had to be acoustic. It doesn’t differ too heavily from the original voice memo in terms of structure and lyrics.

Your website has a cryptic hint, stating “It’s time to start again” and the date 13/11/2020. Can you tell us a bit more about what you’ve got planned?

We’re gearing up for the next era of Waxflower, we’ll be dropping our next single ‘Again’ very shortly.

You’ve got two shows with Waax coming up in Byron Bay soon. What’s your dream lineup for a future show?

At this point we’re just keen to get back out there, it’s great that live music is starting back up. Bands like Stand Atlantic, Ceres & Slowly Slowly come to mind though!

OK last one: Parks & Rec or Schitt’s Creek?

Schitt’s Creek!    

Again‘ ft. Caitlin Henry is due out November 13th, you can pre-save the single here, check out our full interview with Tristan here and stay up to date with WAXFLOWER on social media.

Special thanks to Habit Music


VENOM PRISON – “Slayer Of Holofernes”

Cover shot – VENOM PRISON

VENOM PRISON have released a brand new video for “Slayer Of Holofernes” taken from their remastered record Primeval. The epic video is directed, Edited by Thomas with Photography & Camera Operation by Thomas Coe-Brooker & Al Pott.

The retrospective Primeval record is available now via Venom Prison’s official website, you can see the video for Slayer Of Holofernes below and keep up to date with Venom Prison on social media.

You can see more from Venom Prison on the Prosthetic Records official YouTube channel.


Murders in the Rue Morgue Vol 1 – Review


Samplers, compilations, mixtapes… these come to us in all sorts of ways. You might get one in the mail along with an order from a label. You might grab one from the merch table at a gig (remember those? I remember those…). That hottie in maths might have made you one and scrawled your name on it with a sharpie back in ’98. You might even purchase one, either to support a band or a label, or as part of a fundraiser for one cause or another. And usually, you’ll listen to it once or twice, pick out which newly-discovered bands you love, and it’ll later end up scratched to hell, lost under the passenger seat, or melted beyond recognition when your housemate’s water heater explodes. But that’s another story.

It’s with the inherently pick-the-bits-you-like-and-then-chuck-it approach in mind that I popped on the first offering from locals Rue Morgue Records. I recognised a couple of names from the back, all guitar-heavy acts I’d heard of but never actually heard. I could give a detailed rundown of every track on this, but that’d rob you of the fun of finding out for yourself. I’ll offer a couple of observations about a few choice selections though:

  • Fierce Deity’s Facebook bio describes them as “stoner power metal,” and while they definitely have the skills to play power metal, the only stoner influence I heard was a groovy Pantera-style riff;
  • Espionage know how to work a dozen Iron Maiden-style hooks into a 3-minute song, and make it work;
  • Killrazer from Sydney have a strong tech-death flavour which makes me wonder how they feel about being associated with the decidedly non-threatening hard rock that most of the other bands play (at a guess, angry);
  • White Devil Detroit and Atomic Riot definitely love the ’83-’89 output of Motley Crue.

The heading on the back cover addressing this musical love-letter anthology to the classic-era members of KISS is a nice touch, and tells you a where a lot of the musical heart, soul and era-nostalgia of this release lies. With the exception of Killrazer and the constantly-shredding instrumental prog-metal of Grant Burns, you could take any one of these bands, play them on the car stereo in a scene from Detroit Rock City, and it wouldn’t sound out of place.

Overall, this is a compilation that holds together pretty cohesively – nothing sounds wildly out-of-place (again, except Killrazer), but no two bands sound the same. If the heavier end of mainstream rock, especially the sounds of the mid-70s to mid-80s is your bread and cocaine-flavoured butter, then you’ll find a lot to like on this release. There’s some stellar musicianship, high soprano vocals of the leather-pants-tighter-than-footy-shorts variety, and plenty of worship at the altar of Gene and Paul. I’ll be honest – I got bored with this type of hard-rock / PG-rated metal around 1992 (when I discovered Slayer), but if you like it riff-tacular, not too aggro, and wearing the KISS / Zeppelin / Aerosmith hearts on the sleeves, give this one a look.

EM rating – 7/10

You can get your hands on “Murders in the Rue Morgue Vol 1” on their official website and keep up to date with Rue Morgue Records on social media.

See more from Rue Morgue Records on their official YouTube channel.


JINJER – “The Prophecy” video

Cover shot – JINJER

JINJER are in the process of ramping things up as Covid-19 restrictions ease in certain parts of the world. In addition to playing live show (yes actual live shows) they have released a new video for “The Prophecy” taken from their recent record MACRO.

“When we wrote The Prophecy in 2019, little did we know that it would prophesize things to come in 2020 … the entire screwed up, scary and confusing year all wrapped up in our brand new single. Isn’t it a good day to think whether mankind deserves this? If yes, do we still have a chance to change for the better? Think about it …That being said – we are not only very excited for this new video but to also announce that we will film videos for all tracks from our Macro album”JINJER

Check out the new video below and keep up to date with JINJER on social media.

See more from Jinjer on their official YouTube channel.