This Watch Wednesday we are taking a look at the legend that is Denzel Washington, in particular his ass kicking role in the Equilizer 1 & 2.

The watch is a integral part of the story in The Equilizer, Denzel’s character Robert McCall uses his watch throughout the movie to time his brutal encounters.

Each time he activates his watch, you know that a beat down is on the way.





The watch is a Suunto Core All Black, a surprisingly affordable tactical / adventure watch that boasts a impressive list of features including vertical movement tracker, barometer and can even alert you to potential storms.

There is a little twist with the watch that appears in the movie, the production team for the movie actually edited the display to have a blue hue, making it just that little bit different from the production model.

Also in the movie we get a brief cameo from a All Gold G-Shock GA- 110GD-9 right before Denzel dishes out some justice.