Cover shot – MYTH OF I

Progressive metal duo Myth of I have shared their new single ‘JENOVA’ along with a playthrough video. The Boston, MA-based instrumentalists consider this song to be above and beyond their previous releases in terms of songwriting and production. The track will feature on the band’s upcoming dual EP Blood, due for release later this year.

“When Jennings (Smith) first sent me the demo he was working on for ‘JENOVA’, I was immediately floored and knew we had to finish it up and release it on the next record. It is such an interesting song to me and I am very proud of how it turned out. It certainly explores a lot of different territory and gives me the feeling of being in a dream, which I absolutely love and we hope you do too.” – Guitarist Tyler Fritzel 

Myth of I are an instrumental progressive metal band based out of Boston, MA, USA. They strive to bring innovation to the progressive music world. Admitting to a wide range of influences, the band aim to give a unique cosmic twist to the ordered chaos they consistently produce. Think Tosin AbasiJoe Hisaishi and a cat walk into a particle accelerator. You may want to call the resulting aural mayhem “angry jazz” or even “technical support metal”.

The future looks bright for Myth of I, following the releases of ‘The Expedition’ and ‘Naïveté’, two singles that feature exceptional performances by guest vocalists Eli Cutting (Lattermath) and Michael Lessard(The Contortionist) respectively. A concept dual EP titled Blood is in the works and due for release in late 2023; through its Japanese-inspired visual elements and ten ambitious tracks, it will explore the theme of the duality of life and death. 


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