WAXFLOWER – Quick six

In the lead up to the release of their latest track track 'Again' ft. Caitlin Henry, we hit up frontman Tristan Higginson for a quick six shootout:


DEADED HOBBIES has made a name for himself crafting highly detailed figures of iconic heavy metal personalities. We had the chance to catch up with DEADED and chat about his creations.

WAXFLOWER – Tristan Higginson Interview

Cover shot - WAXFLOWER Brisbane's WAXFLOWER have recently released their single 'Sixteen Floors', and announced their global signing to...

SYNTHESIST – Interview

Stalwarts of the mid-late 2000s Melbourne metal & hardcore scenes, Synthesist have popped back up on our radars after over a decade of hibernation (minus one reunion show), stepping into the digital world with the release of their ‘Casual Violence’ EP. We caught up with Tristan, one of Synthesist’s founding members and guitarists, to chat past, present and future.

BABIRUSA – Interview

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Babirusa burst onto the scene with their first single 'Desolation System' gaining them a sizable and loyal fanbase. Everyday Metal had the opportunity to chat with the band about their debut track and their upcoming full-length album 'Humanoid'.

THE MOTION BELOW – Tom Katgert interview

Cover shot THE MOTION BELOW Melbourne's THE MOTION BELOW have released the second single 'Truth Hurts" that caps of...

BAD JUJU – Russell Holland – Interview

The Australian punk scene is in for some great things this year as Melbourne’s very own Bad Juju continues to release some powerful, emotion-fuelled tracks. Their latest single ‘Disappoint’ (release 20/5/2020) stays true to their style and themes of strong bonds of friendship. It addresses what is felt in the aftermath of losing a close friend to the harsh realities of compromised mental health.


Hellions founder and ex-guitarist Matthew Gravolin has returned with his new solo project Agnes Manners. His first single titled ‘As long as you’re with me’ is has just been released (20/5). We had the opportunity to chat with Matthew and gained a significant insight into who he is and what Agnes Manners is all about.

WE SET SIGNALS – Nick Wilkinson interview

More great music coming your way this year! We Set Signals are back with their new single ‘Where were you?’ out now. The new single is a personal one for vocalist Nick Wilkinson, saying that the track "...is about a relationship turned toxic that I completely lost myself in. After the break up, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. It took everything in me to just survive and rebuild myself." We had a chance to catch up with him, here’s what he had to say.

RIVERS OF NIHIL -“Where Owls Know My Name” Anniversary Recap

Hailed by fans as one of the most masterful tech-prog records ever, Rivers Of Nihil's 'Where Owls Know My Name' celebrates its second birthday. After two years of heavy touring, Bassist Adam Biggs and guitarist Brody Uttley look back on the writing of the record and the overwhelming response from fans.