Cover shot – ERRA

Progressive metalcore act ERRA have dropped their latest single ‘Pull From The Ghost’.
This new track is filled with the masterful technical proficiency fans expect from ERRA, while the lyrical concept delves into an interesting aspect of the human psyche and looks at almost the reverse of Stockholm Syndrome. The visual captures the band in its most natural state — on stage!

Our fans exceeded our expectations over the summer by making our headliner the success that it was,” says Jesse Cash“The shows were such a blast, and we were documenting video of them every night. After digging through hours of footage, we comprised this video. For the people who came out, we hope the video may do for you what it does for us, which is to ground us back in that moment when we were a part of it. For everyone else, we hope you’ll come be a part of the next one.”

Presented by UNFD you can can check out the new video below and keep up to date with ERRA on social media.

ERRA will be touring again in early 2023, hitting the road in the US with We Came as Romans and Brand of Sacrifice starting on Thursday 19 January.

You can see more from ERRA on the official UNFD Youtube channel.