Cover shot – INGESTED

Founded in Manchester in 2006, INGESTED have been heralded by fans as the best slam bands on the planet. Since their inception INGESTED has brought their own flavour to the metal, this particularly evident on the 2019 release ‘Where Only Gods May Tread‘. this record featured absolutely devastating tracks such as ‘No Half Measures’ and ‘Another Breath’ featuring Kirk Windstein.

This progressive sound and collaborative vibe continued on their 2022 release ‘Ashes Lie Still‘ with the track ‘From Hollow Words’ featuring Sven de Caluwé of ABORTED and ‘All I’ve Lost‘ featuring Trivium’s Matthew K. Heafy. Other stand out songs include ‘Shadows In Time’ and the title track ‘Ashes Lie Still’.

Even though INGESTED’s sound is as brutal as it comes, they are a fun loving crew who bring this enthusiasm to their fans via social media and live shows. You can get your hands on ‘Ashes Lie Still’ here and keep up to date with INGESTED on social media.