Cover shot SEER

Doom Metal is one of those genres that features bands that go from big and theatrical, to withdrawn and mysterious. Canadian band SEER have done a great job of treading the line, especially on their latest effort “VOL.6“.

I will have to admit, I had only recently become aware of Seer when I went on one of my regular Doom Metal binges. VOL.6 is the first that I had heard from the band, yet it immediately had my attention with its soft and melodic opening track continuing into a effortless mix of big harmony vocals and excellently placed growls.

Being very impressed with this record, I researched the band further and listened to all of their previous records. Seers earlier efforts were experimental and came with praise and negativity in equal measures.

This for me highlighted that the band had really found its form on VOL.6 as it comes across as a well thought out, well structured album that accentuates the individual strengths of each member.

ARTIST                  Seer

ALBUM                  Vol.6

Rating                   4 out of 5


RELEASE               8th of February 2019

SOUNDS LIKE       Pallbearer

LISTEN TO            It’s a Doom album, listen to it from start to finish!

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