Cover Shot – BAD JUJU
Words – Nate Morolli

Bad Juju is back with their latest release ‘Disappoint’, which is the second track released since their EP. It is a powerful addition to the bands growing catalogue and is hopefully an indication of what fans can expect from these guys in the near future. The single addresses the guilt one can feel when losing someone close to mental illness – a concept that is becoming all too familiar in today’s society.

Whether or not one can relate to the subject matter, the grief and helplessness expressed through this track emanates into the heart of the listener. The lyrical content of this song, without saying too much, has captured key moments in the mind state one experiences following the loss of a dear friend and has obviously been written from experience.

The most interesting thing about the track is that it takes this painful energy and uses it as a force for something positive, ‘I don’t want to disappoint you’, this line lays in the hook. The statement is about honouring the memory of the lost and continuing a journey that they would approve of and even admire. Accompanied by creative drum patterns especially in the chorus and right up through the outro, the message in this track is one that pulls at the heartstrings and at the same time enriches what can be taken from loss and grief. When Bad Juju does hit the stage again, this one will definitely become the sort of anthem that is sung by a crowd in unison.

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