Kicking things off with a little throw back with a brew from earlier in the year,

Brewed in California in conjunction with the monks from the Abbey of New Clairaux, this beer pours dark with a generous head.

For a dark beer that with a alcohol content of 10.2% its surprisingly not as boozy as you would expect. Initially you get caramel and malty tones, yet the dark fruit of the plum come through at the end to give this beer a fairly decent finish.

It’s good to see big brewers like Sierra Nevada stepping out with collaborations like this.

The Stats:

Style:        Abbey Quadrupel

Brewed:   America

ALC:         10.2%


Brew Origin:

A Quadruple is a Belgian-style ale with a bold flavor, dark colour and high alcohol content.

Quadruples typically present a dark body of deep reds and ruby browns and feature a rich malty palate.