Cover shot LIFE PILOT

the Adelaide boys LIFE PILOT are back with their latest track & video “Pretty like a pistol“. On a surface level, the video looks like the chaotic antics that you would expect from the band, but underneath the craziness are commentaries on the bands own youth:

Pretty Like A Pistol, as a whole, is about moving on from the life of a 20-something year old into your 30’s and reflecting on what you have or have not achieved. Realising what could arguably be the most important decade of your life is now over and wondering if that time was spent righteously. A mid life crisis come too soon, not soon enough.” – Angus Long – Vocals

LIFE PILOT will be touring across Australia in November and December and you can trust us when we say they put on one hell of a show!

Check out the “Pretty Like A Pistol” video and tour dates below. You can pick up your tickets here and stay up to date with LIFE PILOT on social media

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