Last week we headed to Wrangler Studios for a night of homegrown Metal. This tiny event space hidden in an industrial estate in West Footscray was a perfect setting for this line up of Black Grinding Death Metal, Heavy Punk Hardcore, Metalcore and Chaotic Hardcore. Sitting on the second hand couches and smelling freshly made sangas, it almost felt like we were just chilling in a mates living room, but as soon as the first band kicked off, the shenanigans ensued.

First up was Melbourne local MVNT who immediately started blasting the audience with their black grinding death metal. This was the first time that we had seen MVNT and they are absolutely brutal, the sludgy dark metal and the intensity of the band members performance left a lasting impression.

Next up was another Melbourne group THE ORPHAN. This band is classified as Noisy Punk / Hardcore but they definitely have some grinding metal influences. Their faster pace style with booming vocals immediately increased the energy in the room and the band fed off it. Super tight performance.

The last of the supports was ANTICLINE from Ballarat who brought a blistering set of controlled chaos. It was seriously cool watching a random audience member walk up on to the stage and blast out an impromptu vocal guest spot.

It was time for the headliners LIFE PILOT to hit the stage. We watched the band do some warm up stretches before they started so we knew that were in for a show. Straight away they were tearing up the stage and venue floor, launching into the crowd. This band is seriously tight, each member feeding off each others energy and looking like they were enjoying every second of it.

“We take the music seriously, but don’t take ourselves seriously, so lets have some fun!”

Towards the end of the set the band really took it to the next level with each member getting amongst the crowd and thrashing around their instruments, our EM photographer almost copping a headstock to the face. Then the lead singer Angus Long did a back flip off the stage and the night was complete.

Whether they are performing to 30 people or 30,000 these guys are pros and put on a great fucking show.

The LIFE PILOT lads are currently in the middle of their “Dark, Dark, Goose” Australian tour. Check out the dates on the bands Facebook page.

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