DEADED HOBBIES has made a name for himself crafting highly detailed figures of iconic heavy metal personalities. We had the chance to catch up with DEADED and chat about his creations.

Firstly, we just need to know, are you aware of how incredibly adorable these figures are?

I appreciate that Very much ,thank you!

Is this solely a hobby of yours or does it come from industry?

I do not have industry experience, this is just a hobby for me

When did you first start making figures and was it always within the Heavy Metal genre? 

I started 4 years ago but weren’t always figures of musicians. I use to make superhero/sci-fi and horror figures as well until I settled in the metal genre.

What got you into Heavy Metal?

Listening to a lot of Nu-metal and Grunge as a kid. Korn and Nirvana was it for me

What kind of rendering software have you been using to create the 3D models?

I started off using simple programs like Blender and Maya until I discovered Zbrush. Zbrush is a great program for beginners and advanced users. Anyone looking to get into the 3d modelling I highly recommend

Are these all 3D printed? If so, have you been executing the 3D printing process yourself at home or do you use external services?

Yes, the Heads are 3d modeled/3d printed & painted by me. I use to own a plastic 3d printer when I first started but upgraded to a resin printer for better print quality. The bodies I buy from an external source

Your figures include miniature versions of stage clothes and costumes, how are you making these, do you also have crazy good sewing skills? 

The outfits I sew as well, it is time-consuming and tedious work but sewing is a big part of my hobby and I love it. I try to replicate the outfits as best as I can

Your level of detail is impressive, we noticed you like to include band members actual tattoos on your figures, are these all hand-painted?

Yes they are hand-painted. Every time a figure requires tattoos I gather reference pictures and start the inking process. It is also tedious work but  very fun

 What’s been your favourite part of the design process when making these figures?

The best part for me is towards the end when I put the figure together. I surprise myself sometimes

Slipknot is heavily featured in your collection, especially the IOWA period, is this one of your favourite Slipknot eras? 

IOWA is my favorite era, but sewing the jumpsuits are a pain haha

The current global pandemic has caused many cities around the world to lockdown, do you think this has given you the opportunity to focus on and perfect your craft? 

Although there is a global pandemic I have not stopped working my full-time job. Still, every day I try to find time to perfect my art

Do you sell any of your figures or are you open to commissions? 

I do sell every once in a while. If I ever do I usually make a post on my social media. But I am working on getting an online store going

What are your future plans for deadedhobbies?

My future plans are to hopefully turn this hobby into a business one day and to keep creating art regardless

Thanks to DEADED for taking the time to chat with us, you can check out all the creations and keep up to date on DEADED HOBBIES on Instagram.