Cover shot by GLEN DOWNEY

“If a straight horizontal thread… falls from a height… onto a horizontal plane twisting as it pleases, it creates a new image”Marcel Duchamp

Our good friend, talented artist, and Everyday Metal logo designer, Glen Downey is launching his new project “4D” this Friday night at the Stock Room Gallery Brunswick.

About the 4D project:

Inspired by the temporal thinking of the cubists, futurists and surrealists of the 20th century Glen has created a body of work that explores the notion that a single instant in time can form the foundation of something much larger and often unexpected.

In life just as in the creation of these works, simple decisions and the repetition of daily habits and actions can lead to larger consequences within the flow of time.
The foundations of the compositions in Glen’s work emerge from dropping lengths of string, and found objects like paint lids and irregular scraps of Dodgy Paper onto the working surfaces and preserving the random patterns created as new and unique forms.
Life and structure emerges chaotically around these random encounters and each is filled with scenes inspired by memories of the past, observations of the present, and imaginations of possible futures.

The Body of work in Glen Downey’s 4D is a study of our place in the natural world as individuals, the frantic divergent focus of our modern lives, and the consequences of the brief instant in history that we all occupy as time flows ever forward.

Join us at The Stockroom Gallery, from 6-8pm on September 20th to see these works together for the first time and to celebrate a collection of moments to take forward as memories into the future thanks to Gage Roads Brewing Co and The Arts Hole Studio.

Exhibition runs until September 29th
Gallery open 11-6pm Thursday to Sunday.
check out the facebook event here and stay up to date with Glen on social Media.