Cover shot – GAEREA

Portugal’s GAEREA have released ‘Mirage‘ the title track from their upcoming studio album.
Forged during the pandemic, Mirage is a bleak, powerful, yet melodic expression of extreme metal.

“I lost two precious years of my life, years that I would rather have spent touring and growing as an artist. But they were crucial for us, these years, because not too many bands stayed relevant and productive. The pandemic gave us the time to make the best release we could. All the promo-shoots, interviews, videos, we all had time to prepare for everything. Mirage was the product of a sudden inspiration. The basic parts were written over about two weeks. We are not the same band who recorded Limbo, We are more eager to take on the world. If the pandemic taught us anything it is that nothing is certain”

Presented by Seasons Of Mist ‘Mirage’ releases worldwide on September 23rd, get your hands on pre-orders here. Check out the video for Mirage below and keep up with GAEREA on social media.

You can see more from GAEREA on the official Seasons OF Mist YouTube channel.