Cover shot Hed PE

Hed PE returns to Australia this week for an encore run of shows following their successful tour in 2018 (their first in 5 years), thanks to Silverback Touring. Fusing rock, punk, rasta, gansta rap and soul into something truly unique (and affectionately known as G-Punk), (hed) has been a mainstay in the rock and metal community since forming in 1994. I had the chance to chat and share a few laughs with lead singer Jahred Gomes about touring, the new album Stampede, Juggalos and more.

B: After a series of sellout shows in Australia in 2018 you guys are on your way back again. What is it about the fans or Australia itself that keeps you coming back?  

J: You know brother, I’m just so stoked and grateful that I get invited to rock down under. When we get there every show is fun, well attended and like a big party. You know what I’m saying? I’ve been doing this for over 20 years with (hed), I feel lucky, everyone comes to the show with a good vibe, man what a good time! Not to mention I can bring back some good money to the family back home hahahahaha.  

 B: Hahahaha, always important to make some bank on these international tours. Speaking of being in the game for over 20 years, you guys came about during the boom of the 1st wave of nu-metal (Hed PE defines themselves as G-Punk), and a lot of your contemporaries have come and gone, so what is it about Hed PE that has helped you guys stick around?  

 J:  Dude you right! Hahaha. They refer to the genre as Nu-Metal, I don’t know how it came up, maybe it was the journalists after the fact, but that’s fine. It’s interesting, we were part of a scene that kinda developed in the late 90’s and flourished in the early 2000’s and when your part of a scene you know, there’s a lot that’s handed to you because your part of what’s going on. But once that scene is gone, haha, and replaced with another scene, hahaha, then we are going to see what happens to your band and your music right? So, I have a story since for 20 years I’ve been around for the cycle of growth and success, feast and famine, but it’s all just something I wouldn’t trade. It’s been a great ride. But you know I’m blessed, like you say, I’ve seen em come and go, there are so many “Nu Metal” bands you don’t hear from anymore. But for me whether a drummer quits, a guitar player gets on drugs, or a bass player is not feeling the vibe anymore, for me it’s like oh really? Well I’m going to keep going, you know what I’m saying? Cause I love this music shit and I’m down for the hardcore thing for life. For me it’s just been a testimony of how I will not take no for an answer.  

 B: That’s something that comes across in your music for sure.  

J: Hahahahahah, right!  

B: Speaking more about your music, you guys have always had politically charged songs, is that something you are conscious about when writing them?  

J: The thing is this my friend, it’s just like what we were talking about, the music is a reflection of my personality. You can hear in the music I’m not going to stop doing something cause of a little bit of adversity. But I spent a few albums exposing the shadow government and discussing the structure of how I saw it. I have to tell you my method of empowerment has evolved to the place where I’m aware of global and national politics. But I’m also in a place where I kind of don’t give a fuck, cause I’m trying to like, manipulate, manifest and control my own personal space and paradigm you see. I think if you spend too much time focusing on the outward thing, that’s when you’re easily controlled and that’s the beginning of fascism. I think it’s important to be aware of what’s going on but don’t let it consume you. Always start with home life and what’s going on in your personal space.  

B: In recent years you guys seem to have been embraced by the Juggalo community…   

 J: HAHAHAHAHAHA I don’t know, go ahead.  

(the laughter continues from Jahred and myself)  

B:  Not having a go at Juggalos, just an observation hahaha. You guys have played at the Gathering of the Juggalos and when you toured in 2012 some mates and I noticed a large chunk of the crowd were Juggalos.  Is that something you have noticed?  

J: Hahaha it’s something I’ve noticed of course, cause we got the rap rock elements you know. But the Juggalos, some of em love me and some of em hate me but you know it’s all good. I can’t be too concerned with whose going to love or hate me right, I just got to do my thing. We have the rap and rock elements that some may find appealing, so the more the merrier.  

B: You guys are working on your new album Stampede (Hed PE’s 11th album which just dropped on 21/06 via Pavement Entertainment) guessing the tour will be a lot of this album?  

J: YES! That’s the divine timing of it all, it’s dropping the week before we hit Australia. I started working on this fucking record 2 years ago bro and its finally coming out! I’m very happy with it, I’m in a good place in my life bro. Before this all the albums were done on ghetto PC’s. But Stampede is the first record that’s done on a Mac, you can hear it in the way I’m into EDM and I fuck with trap beats and all that. The last record was really metal, this record has a lot of break beats and trap beats, a lot of gangster shit so I’m really stoked on this one.  

B: This tour you have Nonpoint supporting you, what was the decision to bring them along for the ride?  

J: I’ve known those guys forever and we don’t really to get to tour with em in the states really, toured with em once but it got cancelled. My Australian guy was like ‘you should come out here’ but we were there so recently and I would like to bring a proper support. He mentioned Nonpoint and I was immediately on board with that idea cause those guys are a solid rock band.  

B: They will add something a bit different sound wise to the tour, always good to have some different styles on one bill.  

J: FUCK YEAH DUDE! Normally we come out and play with local bands which is great, I love playing local bands. But I also like bringing some of our state side partners out with us  

B: Can fans expect to hear a lot of old material on this tour?  


B: Just keep going till they kick you off stage? Hahaha! 

J: Dude we got over 100 songs, right? I think each record has at least one hit on it. Of course Broke has more of the hits so you are going to hear more off that. But I kinda get a good feeling for what shit people want to hear, and I generally get around to it.  

B: Thanks for taking the time for a chat with us…  

J: Thank you! Its early there isn’t it?  

B: It’s alright kept it quiet last night, rolled out of bed just in time hahaha. 

J: You had to miss church you silly mother fucker hahahaha! 

B: Hahahaha if church is drinking at 4am I did, but there is always another night. 

J: It’s all right just playing with ya hahaha. Thanks again.