When ever you start getting serious with any form of discipline, the higher the level the more expensive the equipment can become.

PC gaming in particular can send you on the endless search for the ultimate setup. With technology constantly improving its easy to blow money of the newest hottest accessory for your gaming arsenal.

This is where companies like Logitech come in, releasing high performance PC gaming accessories at very reasonable price points.

We recently got hands on with there latest release –

the Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Gaming Mouse

HERO is actually a acronym meaning – High Efficiency Rated Optical

This is the key feature that differentiates it from its predecessor The Proteus Spectrum.

The sensor goes all the way up to 16,000 dpi which is fast becoming the new benchmark.

It has the same layout as all the other mice in the G502 range which is a good thing, as the  layout has made these some of the highest sold gaming mice on the market.

Coming in at 125 grams, this is fairly light mouse, yet like the other G502 mice it comes with a set of weights that allow you fully customize the feel and response.

The Hero also comes partnered with the new G HUB software, allowing a more detailed level of fine tuning. I particularly liked new “screen sampling” effect. This will sample the colours from your monitor and match them with the RGB lighting on the mouse itself.

One other change that I really liked is the thinner lead that less prone to kinking, something that my Proteus Spectrum suffered from.

Tech Specs

Sensor:         HERO™

Resolution:  100 – 16,000 dpi

Software:     Logitech G HUB

Lighting:       RGB

RRP:             $149 (AUD)



This isn’t a huge step up from previous models, but does show how Logitech continues to release affordable state of the art gaming mice.

This would definitely be a good buy if you are looking at your first high performance Gaming Mouse.

Score – 4 / 5