Cover shot – SILVERSTEIN

Acclaimed Canadian rock band Silverstein are thrilled to release Misery Made Me Deluxe, an extended release of their critically acclaimed 2022 album. Misery Made Me Deluxe features new versions of songs from the original record as well as new music, including recent single Poison Pill.


The band shares: “It’s very exciting we get to celebrate our favorite album again nearly a year later with this deluxe release. Poison Pill and Stitches are very special songs, and we wanted to highlight them separately from the rest of the album. They have a different texture to them that brings us back to our even deeper roots, our influence of the 90’s bands that paved the way for so many bands in our scene. In addition, the alternate versions of Don’t Wait Up, Poison Pill and Mary evoke a different tone of the record as well.  While recording this album we were in the middle of the pandemic, with so many uncertainties and so many conflicting emotions. This deluxe version truly embodies what this album meant to us, including the excitement of being able to perform on stage again, which is why we also included some live material as well.“

In addition to standard vinyl/merch options, Silverstein teamed up with lifestyle brand The Pretty Cult on an exclusive collaboration that includes a custom – and authentic – Silverstein tarot card deck, special tarot card-themed merch, a custom candle, and altar cloth. 

The Pretty Cult owner/founder Arielle Salsa shares: “I’m so excited for this opportunity to team up with Silverstein on this collection. I met Silverstein at their Misery Made Me album pop-up last May and saw they had tarot-inspired art for some of their merch. After connecting with them, it was clear that The Pretty Cult was the perfect fit to expand the concept as my brand revolves around tarot, the occult, and the practice of witchcraft. I thought we could expand on the idea by creating a collection complete with a tarot deck, guidebook, altar cloth and two unique Silverstein x The Pretty Cult tarot items. When creating this tarot deck and guidebook, I wanted to make sure it was as authentic as possible, as I am a practicing witch myself. I wanted to create a deck that was as inclusive to the avid tarot user as it was to a beginner.

“As Silverstein is a band that are self-managed and unafraid to constantly push boundaries and grow over their 20+ career, it was a nice fit with the practice of tarot as it’s less about a higher power and more about being your own master and creating your own path.”

Silverstein are currently on the road for their headlining Misery Made Me North American tour, featuring special guests DayseekerSeeyouspacecowboy and One Step Closer, with the band also set to return to Australia this October alongside The Amity Affliction.