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Blackened sludge metal act Bentham’s Head have stepped up their game with another single from their forthcoming debut album, “Blood, Salt and Ash”. The track, titled “New Path”, overflows with crushing grooves and wailing leads, consuming the listener in a narrative of ominous inevitability. Much like their first single, eponymously titled “Blood, Salt and Ash”, “New Path” is also thematically linked to a novel – the science fiction literary classic “A Scanner Darkly”, written by the late great Philip K. Dick. This latest offering is accompanied by a lyric video, equal parts dark and intriguing. The band’s despairing lyrical interpretation and unsettling imagery combine into an astute accompaniment for the powerful journey that is “New Path”. With an atmosphere resembling The Ocean Collective, a sense of groove akin to Gojira, and a dramatic sense of melody echoing the works of early Opeth, “New Path” affirms its darkly compelling nature, and with the track’s release Bentham’s Head affirm their presence as a fresh, compelling take on brutality. 

BENTHAM'S HEAD -New Path Single Art

For those yet unaware, Bentham’s Head are an innovative, novel Melbourne band combining elements of death, sludge, prog, doom, black and post metal into a tenacious, ungodly brew. Marrying the sludgy riffage of Mastodon with the crushing blackness of Conjurer and an ethereal, progressive atmosphere evoking ISIS, they stand on the shoulders of gods. They have sold out all headline shows since they began gigging in May 2023, and have now released two singles from their forthcoming debut album, “Blood, Salt and Ash” to rave reviews. Not content to rest on their laurels, Bentham’s Head have already left their mark on the scene and this single shows that they are set to double down this year.

With a run of four shows across Melbourne and Regional Victoria, Bentham’s Head will be carving a sonic plague across the state. With bone-crushing riffs, all-consuming vocals, and dynamic song structures that ebb and flow with a life of their own, Bentham’s Head have carved a niche for themselves in the Melbourne metal scene, which they will no doubt expand in all directions come March. This tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for metal enthusiasts seeking a journey into the blackened abyss. Bentham’s Head will be delivering a visceral live performance, unleashing tracks from their upcoming debut Album “Blood, Salt and Ash”, including the eponymous lead single, “Blood, Salt and Ash”, and of course, latest offering “New Path”.   

“New Path” is out now on all major streaming platforms.

You can view the lyric video here:

Tour Dates:

March 2nd: The Catfish, Fitzroy w/ Fall & Resist and Requite
March 10th: The Setts, Mildura w/ Suspended Animation, High Ground and Tonemarrow
March 16th: Zuke’s Place, Belgrave w/ Manic Temple
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