AGNES MANNERS – ‘As Long As You’re Mine’

As Long as You’re Mine is the debut single from Agnes Manners, a solo project by ex-Hellions guitarist Matthew Gravolin. The track features Dream States lead vocalist, Charlotte Gilpin.

THE GHOST INSIDE – ‘Pressure Point’

THE GHOST INSIDE have released the second track 'Pressure Point' from their upcoming self-titled record. The track focuses on the types of exploitative acquaintances who are quick to make someone else's tragedy about themselves,

AVERSIONS CROWN – ‘Born In The Gutter’

Brisbane's AVERSIONS CRWON have dropped 'Born In The Gutter' the second single from the upcoming fourth studio album Hell Will Come For Us All.

Tech-Tuesday – THY ART IS MURDER – ‘Fur and Claw’ Drum playthrough

This Tech-Tuesday we are checking out the insane drumming prowess of Jesse Beahler (aka Buttery Dolphin) of Australia's THY ART IS MURDER.

THE DEAD LOVE -‘My Friends’

Sydney’s beloved The Dead Love have just dropped a timely corker of a single, ‘My Friends’.

FBF – DEFTONES – Diamond Eyes

This week the DEFTONES have been celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their sixth studio Diamond Eyes.

LUNE – New track ‘Mirror Image’ & GHOST EP

Melbourne's LUNE have been described as "equal parts mesmerising and visceral". Their latest track Mirror Image embodies this by being both brutal and harmonious.

ALIENIST – New track & video ‘SEVERANCE’

Straight out of the 'Gong, five-piece metalcore band ALIENIST have released their latest track and video 'SEVERANCE'.


Sydney Death Metal Machine DAEMON PYRE have released the second single DECAY from their FINAL album 'Perpent Gods And A Dying Sun.

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY – ‘No Man Is Without Fear’ guitar playthrough

It's no secret that we are huge fans of FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY and we are really excited that they have announced new tour Australian tour dates. To get you hyped for the upcoming tour, you can see FFA guitarist Patrick Sheridan effortlessly blasting his way through 'No Man Is Without Fear' one of the standout tracks from their latest record The Sea Of Tragic Beasts.