IN MALICE’S WAKE – New track & video – ‘The Blindness of Faith’

Melbourne thrashers IN MALICE'S WAKE have dropped the opening and title track from their upcoming record ‘The Blindness of Faith’. The latest track is accompanied by a video shot by In Malice's Wake & Kimmy Watt with editing & Post Production by Shaun Farrugia.

DEFTONES – Genesis

Cover shot – DEFTONES DEFTONE's have dropped the second offering 'Genesis' from their upcoming studio album Ohms. In the lead...

NAPALM DEATH – ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’ Album review

If Donald Trump heard Napalm Death, he’d start tweeting about Antifa, and demand the band be listed as a terrorist organisation, and insist they be banned from entering the USA, or any country where the CIA has overthrown a democratically-elected government in the last 60 years. If that’s not enough reason for you to go buy their new album, then lucky for you, I’ve written an actual review of it.

TRUE BELIEVER – ‘From Lucifer With Love’

Melbourne rockers True Believer have just dropped their new single ‘From Lucifer With Love’, accompanied by a stunning animated video clip, courtesy of Ukraine’s talented Slow Cheetah Studio.

KING PARROT – ‘Banished, Flawed then Docile’

Melbourne thrash maniacs KING PARROT are back with a blistering new track called "Banished, Flawed the Docile". This screaming new track is the lead single from their upcoming EP "Holed up in the Lair"

JINJER – Live in Melbourne Australia

The unstoppable powerhouse that is JINJER have announced the release of their first-ever live album. Recorded at their sold-out show at Max Watts in Melbourne Australia, this new release will be available on CD and a special blood-red double LP featuring cover art by the talented Nicoletti Gabriel.


The question that has been asked by Melbourne's The Gloom in The Corner. This question is referring to their warring factions featured in their Gloom saga - The Sect, The Holy Order and a mysterious character called Echo 6. People have been drawn to their website, to complete a cryptic and sometimes disturbing survey that shows you where your elegance lies.

ANTICLINE – ‘Pitch Black’

ANTICLINE have released 'Pitch Black' the third and final taste of their upcoming EP 'Urgency'. 'Pitch Black' is a heavy-hitting track that features guest vocals from Bobak Rafiee of Justice For The Damned.


DIAMOND CONSTRUCT have unleashed their latest nu-metal laden song 'Enigma'. Following on from the lead single 'Psychosis' this is the second track taken from their sophomore album DCX2

IN MALICE’S WAKE – ‘The Blindness of Faith’

Australia's premier thrash metal band IN MALICE'S WAKE have announced the release of their 4th full-length album 'The Blindness of Faith'