FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY‘s 2017 release “The Great Collapse” was one of the biggest and most brutal albums of the year, filled with powerfully honest songs covering controversial topics. The band has been touring solidly across the globe since the album’s release and teased fans with the possibility of new music. FFA recently lit up social media with confirmation of a new album for 2019 – “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts” and dropped the lead single “Mirrors“. it true FFA style, the song delves into some very personal subjects:

“You carry things with you, for better or worse. ‘Mirrors’ illustrates the darker side of this idea. It’s also a testament to how the decisions you make can have a resonating effect on the ones around you.
Clearly, this song was born out of a personal struggle, but in the end, it’s a reflection on the greater human condition of love and dependency; not being able to release yourself from the darkness around you. Our new record dives head-on into some difficult topics. ‘Mirrors’ is the tip of the iceberg.”
Will Putney – Guitar / production

The Sea Of Tragic Beasts is due out October 25th with pre-orders available here. Check out the video for Mirrors below and stay up to date with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY on social media