As someone who was a teenager during the first wave of nu-metal, I couldn’t help but be a bit apprehensive when nu-metal started to emerge in modern bands, and I struggled to find any redeeming qualities in trap-metal.

GRAPHIC NATURES debut record ‘A Mind Waiting To Die‘ however, is a breathe of fresh air for the genre, taking inspiration from all the best parts of Nu-metal and avoiding all the clichés.


This approach to the genre, combined with early metalcore influences and rock solid production, make this album a powerful listening experience. This is particularly evident on the track ‘Killing Floor‘, which opens with effect ladened pan pipes before launching into precise riffs along side Harvey Freeman’s punchy vocals.

The entire record is filled with drum & bass breaks which is a nice tip of the hat to the United Kingdom, Graphic Nature’s country of origin. Another stand out track is ‘White Noise’ with its sparing and well placed use of turntable scratches, which enhance the track without being gimmicky.

‘A Mind Waiting To Die’ is an extremely impressive first outing for this band and I definitely recommend that heavy music fans give this record a spin, and if Graphic Nature bring this energy to the stage, make sure you get out and support them live!

‘A Mind Waiting To Die’ is out now via Rude Records, get your hands on it here and don’t forget to follow Graphic Nature on social media.

Special thanks to GOOD INTENT