Words – Cheyenne Frkovic
Photos – Ben Gunzburg

The stage at 170 Russell St the atmosphere was charged with electrifying energy as three dynamic bands took the stage. —Sienna Skies, Dream On Dreamer, and Of Mice & Men—took the spotlight, delivering an unforgettable night of music that left the audience spellbound.

Sienna Skies kicked off the evening with an explosion of energy that ignited the crowd from the get-go. Their synchronized jump moves and lead singer Thomas Pirozzi’s engaging banter set the tone for an electrifying night. Despite a minor hiccup caused by a kangaroo encounter on the road, the band’s resilience shone through as they delivered an awesome performance, introducing their new song, “Only Change Is Permanent,” and leaving the audience craving more with their melodic hard-core sound. This is a band I will be keen to see again.

Sienna Skies 25-2-2024 019
Sienna Skies 25-2-2024 001
Sienna Skies 25-2-2024 007
Sienna Skies 25-2-2024 010
Sienna Skies 25-2-2024 004
Sienna Skies 25-2-2024 009
Sienna Skies 25-2-2024 008

Dream On Dreamer continued the momentum with a nostalgic trip down memory lane, transporting the audience back to their high school days with their dynamic energy and captivating stage presence. Lead singer Marcel Gadacz’s commanding vocals and guest drummer Luke Weber’s electrifying rhythm kept the atmosphere charged. From the uplifting “Stay” to the adrenaline-fueled “Runaway,” Dream On Dreamer had the crowd singing along and moshing, they never disappoint to entertain me every time I see them.

Dream On Dreamer 25-2-2024 014
Dream On Dreamer 25-2-2024 018
Dream On Dreamer 25-2-2024 011
Dream On Dreamer 25-2-2024 006
Dream On Dreamer 25-2-2024 010
Dream On Dreamer 25-2-2024 007

Amidst the intense performances, a playful interlude ensued as the sound system treated the audience to the infectious beats of “The Night at the Roxbury” soundtrack. Instantly recognizable tunes filled the air, prompting spontaneous head-bobbing and foot-tapping throughout the venue. It was a light-hearted moment of camaraderie, setting the stage for the electrifying performance yet to come from Of Mice & Men.

Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 029
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 035
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 009

Finally, the long-awaited return of Of Mice & Men to Australian shores sent shockwaves of excitement through the venue. Opening with the classic anthem “Bones Exposed,” the band commanded the stage with raw intensity and emotion. Lead singer Aaron Pauley’s spine-tingling vocals captivated the audience, while the band’s seamless transitions and undeniable chemistry kept them on the edge of their seats. From the primal energy of “Warpaint” to the emotional depth of “Indigo,” Of Mice & Men delivered a performance that was nothing short of awe-inspiring, closing the night with the fan-favourite “Second & Sebring” and leaving the crowd begging for more.

Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 027
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 001
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 008
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 015
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 005
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 016
Of Mice & Men 25-2-2024 007

In conclusion, the concert was a demonstration of the profound impact of live music, with Sienna Skies, Dream On Dreamer, and Of Mice & Men delivering performances that will be etched in the memories of all who were fortunate enough to be in attendance. It was a night filled with electrifying energy, captivating performances, and unforgettable moments—a night to remember indeed.