“Keres, in Greek mythology is the goddesses of death, specifically cruel and violent deaths, including death in battle, by accident, murder or ravaging disease”

Australia’s extreme metal titans Thy Art Is Murder have released their storming new single, “Keres”, the second taste of new music lifted from the band’s forthcoming album, Godlike, out September 15 via Human Warfare.

A stadium-sized death metal anthem, “Keres” has it all: bone-crushing verses, colossal stomping choruses, an urgent guitar solo, and frontman CJ McMahon’s vocals demolishing all in his wake as he rams that hook straight into your brain.

“It’s not often we have this level of excitement to present a new single to the world. Keres is a metal anthem filled with grinding verses and stomping choruses, stripping down some of the complexity that may have gotten in the way of previous attempts to deliver a song of this magnitude. The Keres was an evil sprite in ancient Greek mythology that would feed on the dead, but could not participate in acts of violence. We think this behavior is as relevant in the arena of news and politics as it was on those ancient battlefields.” – Guitarist Andy Marsh

Shot by the extremely talented Third Eye Visuals, this is the biggest and most epic video the team has produced to date:


The sixth explosive album in the band’s arsenal, Godlike cements Thy Art Is Murder as death metal’s modern torchbearers. A soundtrack to a divisive postmodern dystopia, Godlike sees Thy Art Is Murder explore new depths and dynamics without sacrificing an ounce of intensity or urgency the band have staked their career on.

Recorded with their longtime producer and mixer, Will Putney, across the album’s 10 nihilistic tracks Thy Art are masters of their craft as they deliver sharp stabs, guttural descents and groove with muscular athleticism and confidence. Frontman CJ McMahon gives his strongest performance ever as he belts through lyrics that thematically confront how cycles of violence continue over time and feelings of separation in a hyper-polarized world.

Godlike releases worldwide on September 15 via Human Warfare, get your hands on pre-orders here.

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