Cover shot – SAVIOUR

Perth’s SAVIOUR are back with their brand new single ‘Violet‘. The new track has dropped ahead of their upcoming studio album ‘A Lunar Rose‘ due out this Friday the 28th.

A Lunar Rose for me is a bleak journey from where the brighter side of life meets the aftermath. I think it captures that reminiscent voice that most people have inside them and gives it real life audio. Listening back to the record, it’s still kind of hard to listen to without feeling a bit torn by the end. It’s an emotional journey where the dark out shadows the light. This album might just be the heaviest Saviour album to date. If it’s not the heaviest, it’s certainly the most aggressive. A Lunar Rose holds real meaning to all of us and it’s one that we are going to be proud of no matter what happens moving forward.” – Vocalist and Songwriter Bryant Best

To celebrate the release of their new record SAVIOUR will be touring Australia with their mates Diamond ConstructBlklst & Bloom. Tickets available via –

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