Cover shot – ABORTED

On a moonless night, metal powerhouse NUCLEAR BLAST dared to gaze into the pitch-black abyss and summoned one of the most vicious and menacing forces roaming the European death metal scene to join their ranks. Today, both of them are proud to announce that ABORTED have inked a contract with NUCLEAR BLAST!

The true scenario behind the signing of this outstanding genre pioneer might have been a bit less dramatic but the promise of an exciting future remains.

ABORTED have also delivered a terrifying new music video for ‘Infinite Terror’ in association with Grupa13. As the band perform within the confines of an abandoned asylum, a young woman is tormented by a haunting presence, as the lines between sanity and insanity are continuously being blurred (much like their auricular assault).

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce our signing to NUCLEAR BLAST — one of the premier labels for extreme music with tons of label mates we love. We are very excited to see where this mad caravan leads to next! After a very long and solid partnership with Century Media, it was time for us to try something new.  
To celebrate our signing with NUCLEAR BLAST and the upcoming monster of a tour with our friends Lorna Shore, Ingested and more, we decided to unleash a new single. ‘Infinite Terror’ will obliterate all your senses. The song is inspired by ‘Event Horizon’ and marks the debut of new guitarist Dan Konradsson (Ophidian I, Une Misère). Expect something dark, imposing, and HEAVY as f*ck!”
– Vocalist – Sven de Caluwé

Check out the video for ‘Infinite Terror below and keep up to date with Aborted on social media.

you can also see vocalist Sven de Caluwé epic collaberation with INGESTED on their latest track ‘From Hollow Words’.

You can see more from Aborted on the offical Nuclear Blast Youtube chnnel.