Cover shot- RELIQA

In 2024, the secret is out, the future is now; and its name is Reliqa.

Following on from their 2022 EP, the endlessly innovative I Don’t Know What I Am, Sydney-based alternative luminaries Reliqa take a daring and dexterous step into a brand new chapter, today announcing the upcoming release of their debut album Secrets of the Future, due out on Friday 31 May via Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-orders are available now via


Heralding the arrival of Secrets of the Future is the brand new single Killstar (The Cold World); a scintillating progressive metal opus oozing with vitriolic guitarwork and serpentine vocals spliced between rapid-fire delivery, all building towards a pummeling climax that will leave you utterly breathless.

A lush, diverse and sci-fi-hued collection of songs that traverse fleeting moments of the human experience, Secrets of the Future also possesses a melting pot of stylistic inspiration, with elements spanning melodic metalcore through to contemporary rap, K-Pop, J-Metal, atmospheric pop, modern progressive metal as well as more traditional rock and metal.

With Secrets of the FutureReliqa aren’t merely gazing at what’s to come; instead, they conjure it with poise and finesse, unpacking a rich and vivid tapestry that explores political injustice on tracks like Killstar (The Cold World), finding power in femininity on Sariah, as well as oscillating spotlights on the inner push-and-pull between protest and acceptance of reality.

“Aesthetic-wise, Secrets of the Future has some soft sci-fi elements to it, especially through the artwork and some of the soundscapes throughout,” shares the band of their forthcoming debut album. “We say ‘soft’ because it’s not a fictional concept album, but with the album title focusing so much on the future, the vibes are inherently dark, ominous, foreboding, a little bit dystopian at times.”

“Our songwriting style shifted in 2023 when we started writing this album,” adds the band, “and that change in workflow is another reason why some of the songs on this record are so different to anything we’ve done before, like Cave, Terminal, Crossfire and Two Steps Apart.”

RELIQA Supporting BABYMETAL 2023

Defying genre labels and harnessing their potent sonic identity in the heavy music landscape over the years, Reliqa have evolved from being “ones to watch” into an act destined for genuine greatness.

Whether dazzling onstage supporting the likes of SpiritboxHalestormSevendustBABYMETAL or Northlane, whipping festival crowds into a frenzy or headlining their own shows, Reliqa never cease to enamour in a live setting alongside multiple singles commanding over 2 million individual streams, including Doomed and Mr. Magic.

Most recently flexing their nuanced take on heavy modernity with their 2022 EP I Don’t Know What I AmReliqa brandished dark grooves, layered soundscapes, electronic flourishes and more. I Don’t Know What I Am may have initially stemmed from the group themselves and the broader music industry being unable to categorise Reliqa‘s unique and immersive stylings; but ultimately, it’s the group’s bold and boundless sense of self that radically sets Reliqa apart from your standard heavy act.

Facing the future to their impending new album and fresh off supporting American rock powerhouses Halestorm for their Knotfest Australia 2024 headline sideshows, Reliqa are primed to take on the world.


Miles Knox – Bass | Benjamin Knox – Drums
Monique Pym – Vocals | Brandon Lloyd – Guitars