SIGNS OF THE SWARM have released ‘Malady‘ the latest single from their upcoming record –Amongst the Low & Empty.

“This song reflects previous battles I’ve faced with my depression. A moment in my life reminded me of what I’d been through, and it became the fuel for ‘Malady.’ The song pushed me to be vulnerable in the studio, expressing my thoughts and emotions to my producer to paint the picture I was going for.” – Vocalist David Simonich

Drummer Bobby Crow adds: “I wanted to craft a dark and primal song to match Dave’s subject matter, so the music and lyrics elevate one another. Seeing as ‘Malady’ is another word for disease, I wanted the song to be catchy enough to infect yet deteriorates as sickness does to your body over time. The song builds to a painful climax, growing in intensity as it devolves into a noisy cacophony. You can’t even wrap your head around it, then it’s over.”

“We’ve always been a deathcore band,” states Bobby Crow, “But this record is a lot MORE – it’s got death metal, metalcore, djent, some industrial stuff…We wanted to make something that was just heavy.”

‘Amongst the Low & Empty’ releases worldwide July 28 via Century Media, get your hands on pre-orders here and view the video for ‘Malady’ below.

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SIGNS OF THE SWARM will be smashing stages across Europe this summer, check out the details below and get your hands on tickets here.

signs of the swarm tour

You can see more from SIGNS OF THE SWARM on the official Century Media Youtube channel.