Cover shot – TRACE

Two Minds, Two Voices, One Vision, Brisbane’s TRACE have released their debut single ‘WHITE“.

Formed in early 2017, TRACE’s heavy grunge sound is inspired by legendary 90’s bands like  Alice in ChainsSoundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots  but with a modern spin that is crafted/mixed/produced by Branko Cosic (1000HZ Recording – DZ DeathraysThe BelligerentsTape/Off), Chris Arthur and Scott Wade and Mastered by Harris Newman (Greg Market Mastering – Canada).

White describes the feelings and emotions you go through in the midst of depression and the addictive nature of such thoughts as suicide, fear and loneliness.That self-destructive path that leads to nowhere good, or safe – we’ve all been there. Then knowing that there is a light, and that light is within you. You’ve just got to reach out and find that switch because no one is going to find it for you. You can sit there screaming, “I’ve been waiting so long”, to have you scream back “no one waited for you”, or you can go out there and get it!” – Chris Arthur – Guitarist/Bassist/Vocalist

TRACE’s new track ‘White’ is available now on all good streaming services.
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Special thanks to Collision Course