Cover shot – VOLUMES

Los Angeles quartet Volumes have released a Instrumental Edition of their Fourth studio album  Happier? out now via Fearless Records.

COVER ART - Volumes - Happier (Instrumental Version)

This instrumental edition allows the listener to focus on the band’s massive and beautifully-produced grooves, and is a “must get” for diehard fans. There is surgical precision about the way the music is written, and this translates through the performances of its instrumental members of the band. Soudani takes care of the bass and programming side of things, while Ursich sits behind the drumkit. There is so much articulation and hardly a note is wasted by either member; they’re all played and created in a specific way to serve a purpose in the tracks. The focused listener will hear every single thing contained within the music.

Press Photo - Volumes

Volumes have spent the past several years selling out countless shows, posting up over 60 million total streams, and receiving widespread acclaim from a variety of sources, such as Alternative PressNew NoiseRock Sound, Metal Injection, MetalSucks, Nik Nocturnal, and more. Volumes initially entered the scene with 2010’s The Concept of Dreaming EP, gaining momentum with Via [2011] and No Sleep [2014] before serving up Different Animals in 2017. The latter boasted the fan favourite Feels Good, which racked up over 13 million Spotify streams. Following the Coming Clean EP, Volumes delivered one of their best works to date with Happier?, which arrived in 2021. The instrumental edition arrived in 2023.

Get your hands on Happier (Instrumental Version) here and keep up to date with VOLUMES on social media.


Vocals – Myke Terry
Vocals – Michael Barr
Bass – Raad Soudani
Drums – Nick Ursich

You can see more from VOLUMES on their official Youtube channel.