Cover shot – Agnes Manners

As Long as You’re Mine is the debut single from Agnes Manners, a solo project by ex-Hellions guitarist Matthew Gravolin. The track features Dream States lead vocalist, Charlotte Gilpin.

As long as you’re mine is a drastic contrast from what you might expect from the likes of these two, but nevertheless a beautiful track. Consisting of only a few elements, the track creates a relaxed atmosphere in which the listener can lose themselves, both in the heartfelt lyrics and melody. Creative use of synths adds a unique element to this piece, with the addition of a saxophone appearing intermittently it allows the listener to enjoy what may not be a part of their usual listening experience. Gravolins voice is well suited to a story-telling style such as this and is enriched when harmonised with Gilpin.

Check out the lyric video below and make sure to follow Agnes Manners on social media.

Special thanks to Habit Music