Words: Clare

Near to the end of their Tyranny Across Australia tour, Perth’s own Cursed Earth headed to the Bendigo Hotel in Melbourne’s north. Joining them on the night was Anticline, Wreath, The Gloom In The Corner and Daybreak.

Everywhere we go these days we seem to end up watching Anticline perform, but I ain’t complaining. Each time I see them live I like them more and more. Originally, I thought that their sound was a bit erratic and clumsy but now I understand how intentional everything they do is, it’s a controlled chaos that always seems to be dangerously teetering on the edge. They are more on the heavy side of hardcore and I totally dig it.

As Wreath took the stage a few more bodies appeared in the crowd and the night started to get a bit more violent as a few pumped fans really embraced Wreath’s aggressive hardcore style savagely entangled with death metal grooves.

The venue continued to fill as Melbourne locals, The Gloom In The Corner, performed their concept-driven metalcore. By this stage I had already been crushed into a wall and drenched in beer, so yeah, great night so far. At one point vocalist, Mikey struggled to get the mic back after some overly enthusiastic crowd participation.

Daybreak from Perth provided an offering of modern deathcore and we watched as their fans destroyed the pit when they dropped their new track Godfather.

After a while off the touring circuit, Cursed Earth finally hit the stage again, this time touring their highly anticipated project The Deathbed Sessions (out now on UNFD). The mixtape is an interesting creative step for the band, for this, they enlisted the talent of 8 different hardcore and metal vocalists from some pretty heavy-hitting Australian bands. Needing someone with the ability to perform both old and new tracks, Bobak from Justice For The Damned stepped up and took on the awesome responsibility. This pairing worked extremely well and the fans were able to enjoy an absolutely brutal set.

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