Photos: Everyday Metal
Words: Clare

Friday night EM headed to the Colonial Hotel for AM/PM’s Emo Night to check out local talents Drown This City, Earth Caller and, Anticline.

Anticline was up first. Always a treat when these boys from Ballarat come down to visit us here in Melbourne. It was a solid set of their unrelentingly fast pace tracks and a great way to start off the club night.

Next up was Earth Caller from Melbourne. I was a bit thrown by their Hip Hop / Trap style intro, but these boys got back on track with some adequately heavy hardcore and surprisingly catchy tracks. I was particularly impressed with the talent displayed by their drummer, who blasted out some seriously technical beats.

Headlining the night was another Melbourne gem, Drown This City who just recently released their new EP Alpha // Survivor. This post-hardcore band lead by pocket rocket Alex (vocals) delivered us a set filled with dark and heavy tracks coupled with some fast pace crowd-pleasers. I was solidly impressed with how the change from dirty vocals to clean harmonies translated in a live performance. Alex legitimately has a strong voice and she takes command of the stage. The growl vocals from bassist Matthew provided a moody layer to their sound. 

It’s a great way to experience live performances from the local talent and all for the price of a club entry. Check out the rest of the event dates here for the AM/PM Emo Night.

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