Here at Everyday Metal we believe in supporting everything local and it doesn’t get much more local than guitar pedals made in the South East of Melbourne. Today we chat to Mark Quarrell the owner of Kink Guitar Pedals about why he started this brand and what makes his product so unique.

 EM: What makes your pedals stand apart from others in the marketplace?

 “My pedals are designed around circuits that I believe fill a need in the market. I always like to create a bit of a conversation with the artwork I choose for the pedals, I use both local and international artists and I try not to take life too seriously.”

Mark’s interest in pedals began back in the early 90’s. He started playing the guitar which then lead him to want to experiment with circuits and eventually to build his own pedal. The first ever pedal Mark built for himself was the Charlie Fuzz, it was after a lot of experimentation that he found what he liked and once it was finished he shared it with the DIY pedal community.

 EM: How did you find the response to your first custom pedal?

 “The feedback I got was mixed, but there were a few people who suggested I make some to sell and the rest is history. I have now sold over 100 Charlie Fuzz pedals which is not ‘big time’ at all, but I am very happy with how they have been received.”

 The Charlie Fuzz is a classic one knob fuzz that features a famous image of Charles Manson’s face and with light up LED eyes.


EM: Where did the idea come from for this pedal?

 “That was something that came to me. I drew it up on the computer and decided to make it. I like the classic one knob fuzz, so I used that. Back then they were a plain enclosure with waterslide decals. A lot has changed since then.” 


EM: The Charlie Fuzz is definitely our favourite here are EM, what’s your personal favourite in the range at the moment?

 “The Stab Zone and the Straya, I can’t slip the two. I love having an OD pushing a Marshall, so I made the Straya. I also have a love affair with Danelectro Fab Tones…. That is where the Stab Zone came from, a heavily modified version of that.”


Kink’s mission has been ‘To create a range of effects pedals that are equally appealing visually, as they are sonically’ which we think has definitely been achieved.

 EM: Do you have a background in electronics or was it a lot of trial and error?  

 “Like a lot of people I have learned from trial and error. But I have studied a lot about electronics over the past few years, so each pedal I make is better than the one before it in terms of refinement.”


EM: Who’s using your pedals for live performances, can you give us a few names?

 “I have a few bands using my pedals. Most notably, Hamish from Godthrymm [UK]. Hamish has played in My Dying Bride and Vallenfyre. Mammon’s Throne, a great doom band from Australia, use the High Horse on Bass.”


EM: What can we expect to see from you guys in the future?

 “I am currently working with another local builder to bring out a pedal and I am looking into how I can come up with a new Fuzz/Sub Octave. I will also always continue to take inspiration from my very loyal customers and I’m available to do custom work as well.” 


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