Cover shot – DAEMON PYRE

Sydney Death Metal Machine DAEMON PYRE have released the second single DECAY from their FINAL album ‘Perpent Gods And A Dying Sun‘.

Decay is an exploration of our humanity, the fleeting nature of our sentient existence and our desire to find meaning. The question asked here is do we find that meaning within ourselves and the goals we set within our lives, or is there something beyond us that we do not understand. Essentially it’s a non religious song questioning if we are merely meat sacks or if there is more to us than we can yet (or possibly ever) understand.‘ – Frontman Sam Rilatt

Serpent Gods And A Dying Sun is Daemon Pyre’s swan song, closing out the bands final chapter and sending them off with a bang.

Serpent Gods And A Dying Sun is due out May 22nd, you can pre-order the album here and check out DECAY below. Follow DAEMON PYRE on social media.

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