Melbourne has some serious love for American style BBQ. Over the last few years so many places have opened offering a selection of smoked, slow cooked deliciousness.

Some establishments are big, loud and out to make a impact on the scene.

Smokehouse 101 seems to be taking the opposite approach, small and almost hidden in the back of suburbia.

The interior is covered with the owners personal collection of motorcycle, car and comic book memorabilia. 

It was a quiet night and we were greeted by a exceptionally nice staff member that seated us right away.

We ordered the brisket burger, chips, corn bread and a side of pickles. We were also given a skull bottle filled with house made spicy BBQ sauce. 

The burger was excellent, not dripping with sauce, but not to dry, with a few burnt ends for good measure. The chips were seasoned very well, but the real star was the corn bread.

Cooked to perfection and sitting on a sweet sauce, the corn bread was almost a meal of it’s own.

This is not flashy BBQ, its simple, tasty and honest BBQ.


Smokehouse 101

101 Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032