Black metal imprint Northern Spire Productions has two stellar releases coming this summer. Out now is the debut full-length from ORELISK, ‘The Underworld Obscura’. Coming in July we have the latest offering from the enigmatic LanzerRath

Cover shot – ORELISK


Orelisk was formed in 2018 as a solo black metal force by the ubiquitous “II”, most notably of Michigan-based black metal band LanzerRath. His debut demo Mold was an ode to the second-wave black metal hordes of the early 1990s such as Darkthrone, Enslaved, and Judas Iscariot. Mold featured a raw, warm production, with darkness permeating each melodic arrangement. Stories of doomed nomads, ancient beasts, and unhinged minds served as vessels for Mold’s bleak soundscapes.

Two years later, Orelisk has returned with the debut full-length The Underworld Obscura. As the title would suggest, the album follows down the same dark pathways of the Mold demo, offering six new sonic tales of the damned.  A blizzard of tremolos and blast beats are narrated by the piercing screams of death itself as the undercurrents of hidden forces are brought forth into reality. Old school production harkening back to the days of Greig Hall funnels this black metal maelstrom of dark nostalgia, ensuring The Underworld Obscura lives up to Orelisk’s moniker of “True Northern Black Metal”.  The Underworld Obscura will be available through Northern Spire Productions on June 30th on digital, CD, and cassette.

Track Listing:
1.  Winter In Salem
2.  The War Of Despair
3.  Only In Delirium I Can See
4.  Derelict House Of Desires
5.  Ruins As Subjective To The Ruined
6.  The Underworld Obscura

Orelisk – Music, Vocals, Production

Northern Spire Productions


LanzerRath was formed in 2018 by founding members “I” and “II”.  Their initial vision of a grassroots DIY black metal band that captures the energy and emotion of purely amateur musicians, as in line with the pioneers of the genre, still persists to this day.  Through LanzerRath’s first three full-length offerings, they honed their craft, wielding all the tools of the black metal arsenal to create a dynamic soundscape of compelling atmospherics, aggressive riffing, blast beats, and scathing vocals to convey their messages of darkness.  Themes of madness, despair, mystery, and misery permeate through their aural universe and have laid the foundation for what’s to come.

Metagalactic Domination, the fourth LanzerRath full-length opus delves deeper into the cosmic corridors of their universe, to a realm shed of perception and Earthly bonds.  Travel through vicious displays of black metal bludgeoning combined with melodic otherworldly passages into the obscure.  
Metagalactic Domination releases July 14th on digital, CD, and cassette through Northern Spire Productions.

Metagalactic Domination
1. A New Torment Begins
2. Supernova Remnants
3. Shackled By Perdition
4. Sin And Innocence
5. Galactic Will Of Oppression
6. Ghosts Of Ruin
7. Through Comstats We Scream (CD Bonus)


I –  Lyrics, Vocals
II –  Music, Vocals, Production
III – Vocals
III I –  Bass, Additional Programming, Vocals
III II –  Art, Design, Spoken Segment, Wails

Northern Spire Productions